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Zhanat Zhakiyanov - Noppadol Khongchana weigh in


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Hatton Promotions exciting new signing Zhanat Zhakiyanov and Thailand’s Noppadol Khongchana both weighed 53.3 kg (117 ½ pounds) ahead of their ten round bantamweight contest in Kazakhstan on Friday night (27th Jan).


The pair will box over ten round at the city sports hall in Petropavlovsk, the hometown of 24 -year-old EBU-EE bantamweight champion Zhakiyanov .


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/boxing-news/39984-zhanat-zhakiyanov-and-thailands-noppadol-khongchana-both-weighed-533-kg-.html#ixzz1kef5drmG

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