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Chris Eubank Jnr - next fight

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I was hoping this would bring news of his next fight! Showed class in his first, though obviously against a guy who showed up to be whipped. Looking forward to following his progress, though with Mick, it's not likely to be quick. I wouldn't be too suprised if Fat Mick has forgotten he's still a promoter given the number of name fighters that have left him in the last 12-18 months. Jobber!
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Eubank Jr. has been sparring Groves for about a year now.


He started before he flipped over.


In fact the story goes that Eubank Jr. gets the better of Groves a fair bit these days.


Promising for a kid yet to have his 2nd fight.


As for his progress, well signing with Hennesey was the first mistake. He should have signed with Warren. Say what you like about Warren, but the shear volume of shows he puts on gets his youngsters out a lot and thats exactly what Eubank Jr. needs at the moment.


Hes young, and will be fighting pushovers, so really he should be getting out every 4-6 weeks. At this rate he might get in about 4 fights a year and that is really not gonna be beneficial to him at all.


Signing with Hennesey was a mistake but I cant imagine he will be there forever. Supposedly Eubank Jr. and his team have a good relationship with Eddie Hearn, due to there fathers relationship, so eventually he will end up at Matchroom.

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