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Hatton warns Brook: training and becoming a Dad is tough


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Matthew Hatton has warned Kell Brook that becoming a father for the first time will hurt his quest to win the battle of Britain’s best Welterweights.


Hatton and Brook clash at the Motorpoint Arena Sheffield on March 17 live on Sky Sports, where the spotlight will be on the unbeaten Sheffield star in his biggest headline show to date. Hatton believes that the pressure to perform coupled with becoming a Dad for the first time could be too much for the 25 year-old.


Both men are due to have baby girls in the build-up to the fight – with Kell’s partner Lindsey due in mid February and Hatton’s partner Jenna early March. But while Hatton has already experienced training for a fight while become a father, he believes Kell’s plans could be thrown into chaos as he enters parenthood.


“Jenna and I have gone through it all before so there will be nothing new there for us,” said Hatton. “But for Kell it's a new experience becoming a father for the first time. It's absolutely amazing of course, but it's a real shock and it takes some getting used to. It can be a really difficult period and it's hard to stay focussed on the training. But sometimes in life there are more important things than boxing and being a father is one of them. When you bring kids into the world you have to provide for them so it's a motivation for the training and the fight as you are doing it for their future.”


Jenna is due to give birth to a baby girl on March 4, just 13 days before he meets Brook in the huge Welterweight clash at the Motorpoint Arena Sheffield, live on Sky Sports. Hatton has been in this situation before when Jenna was carrying their son Jack as he was preparing to face Craig Watson for the Commonwealth title in Manchester in 2008.


“It wasn't a great performance against Craig,” admitted Hatton. “Jack was about three months old then so it was a difficult time and it definitely affected my performance – and it will have an effect on Kell.”


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/boxing-news/38832-hatton-warns-brook-training-and-becoming-a-dad-is-tough.html#ixzz1k3jSghAD

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I can't even believe that Hatton is going to these lengths to convince himself he has an edge over Brook. Most fighters would be convincing themselves they have better speed, have a better hook, have a better jab, have a better righthand. But no, Hatton sees being a Father before as en edge. Did you ever think you looked like crap against Craig Watson because your crap, Matt??? mlol/
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