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Spoilers for York Hall card


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Some absolutely cracking fights - 2 major upsets and both ended in the final round.



Shane McPhilbin beating Leon Williams was probably the biggest upset of the night.

He was down on the cards, had been knocked down a couple of times and had a point deduciton.

It was pretty much all but done going into the 11th.

Then in the 11th Williams was deducted a point for pushing McPhilbin through the ropes, and looked like he was maybe trying to catch a breather....roll into the 12th and McPhilbin had Williams down 3 times on the way to a final round stoppage and the British title, against all the odds.



Also, highly-heralded prospect Michael Maguire who has long been considered one of the best young fighters in the UK, suffered his first defeat (in his comeback fight after 2 years out) to the very game Najah Ali.

Maguire took the first 3 rounds fairly comfortably and was well in control of the fight, visibly hurting Ali.

Ali came back though and hustled Maguire in the final 3 rounds, before ultimately securing victory with the final punch of the fight - a sweet body shot dropping Maguire at 2:59 of round 6.

It went to the cards and Ali managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with a 1 point margin, 57-56.


Also on the card, Sam Sexton won a 6 round technical decision 57-56 over Larry Olubamiwo, after a clash of heads inexplicably caused the referee to wave off the fight, despite the injury to Sexton causing very little trouble to his vision or boxing.

There was some confusion as to whether the scorecards should have come into play as it was a scheduled 8-rounder which was a non-title bout, but the result stands.

A rematch can probably be expected sometime soon, once Sexton's cuts are properly healed.


Bradley Skeete moved to 6-0, with a straightforward victory over Canadian Michael Frontin (3-12-1).

Skeete dropped him in the first, but lacked the finishing instinct and it ended up going to the cards, with Frontin gaining a lot more confidence as the fight wore on.

Skeete took every round in the end, against a guy who was for the most part, just a punchbag, and could probably do with a better test for his next bout.


Making his debut, John Dignum also made an easy night's work of it, and looked impressive in the process, against last year's busiest fighter - Ryan Clark.

Clark was game throughout, but Dignum's range of punches and solid defence meant that he was never in trouble.

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Main event sounds a thriller. I wondered what happened in the Sexton fight. Najah Ali took Don Broadhursts unbeaten record, so thought he had a good chance against Maguire.


Yeah, Ali is definitely better than his record suggests. I can't really recall the Broadhurst fight, but I'll be keeping an eye on Ali from now on.

He's waiting for his British passport hearing in the next couple of weeks and then he can start fighting for British and Commonwealth titles...

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Boxrec has Sexton WTD5th - is that right?


Sorry, my bad, just double-checked and it was stopped at the end of the 5th....

It was 49-48 the scores ended.

I wrote this up at the end of the whole card so must have mixed up my scores...I knew there was only a point in it so probably mixed it up with the Ali vs Maguire scorecard!

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Quite close then. Alot expected Larry to capitulate like he did against McDermott.


I thought Sexton was bossing the fight up until maybe the 4th where Olubamiwo started going for it.

Larry just tucked up and tried to ride the early storm.

He took a couple of decent shots though and didn't seem in any trouble.

The fight was turning in his favour though when it was stopped for no real reason.

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