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Dan Norris Predicts this weekends fights


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Raymundo Beltran vs. Luis Ramos Jr.- Luis Ramos Jr. by UD

Dyah Davis vs. Alfonso Lopez- Dyah Davis by SD

Michael Perez vs Omar Figuera- Michael Perez by UD

Bryan Vazquez vs. Eugenio Lopez- Bryan Vazquez by KO


Ah, a new year and boxing is back! Surprisingly enough 3 of the 4 fights we have on tap is pretty even matchups on paper, and the one that isn't (which might not happen) is a title fight. So, go figure. Other than that, pretty good fights.


The first I'll get to is the title fight (and again, that actually not might happen, so, I'll keep this pretty brief) Bryan Vazquez is a very good fighter. He's a legit talent and I hope, sooner rather than later, he comes on the scene and fights a couple of big names to really test his metal. A Cristobal Cruz, or Martin Honorio, or even Jorge Solis would be fine just to see where he really stakes up in the 130 division. Eugenio Lopez is a pretty bad fighter. Not that he's a bum, but he's more of a club fighter, a fighter that you would like a young prospect type fighter to fight early on. You know what I mean? A young prospect 6, 7 and 0 fighting a vet that's been in the ring. He's that type of fighter now. So, there's not much point in this fight (if it does go down) Vazquez by early to mid KO. If Vazquez did get beat, it would be a very early Upset of the Year candidate, and quite frankly, that would be pretty hard to beat.


Now, the better fights this weekend. All on Friday, on Telefutura, in Indio, California (side note: anybody else notice Solo Boxeo Tecate is in Indio a lot? I don't know, it seems like at least once a month they are there) Michael Perez-Omar Figueroa this is a great match up between two undefeated prospects. Michael Perez is the boxer of the two. He's mostly on the outside, looking to counter, thinks defense, and has superb timing. Omar Figueroa is going to be coming in, aggressive, he leaves himself open, but he has a lot of bang in his gloves. A bit crude coming in at times. He'll leave himself square going from orthodox to southpaw. And really, it's about what you like. Perez will get his shots in and he has nice pop, but will that be enough to stop Figueroa in his tracks. And if it isn't look out, Figueroa can land a couple of shots and it might be over. Perez' chin hasn't really been tested as of yet, so who knows if he can take a punch. Hopefully, we'll be able to see. Anyway, I like Michael Perez. He has more tools in his tool box and I think he'll wins a pretty clear decision. In the 97-93 region. I'm even leaning towards a 9, 10th round stoppage, but I'll go with Perez via UD.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/boxing-news/36247-dan-norris-weekly-boxing-predictions.html#ixzz1ighPNPI4

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