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Ordering the Froch fight tonight


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This is the official advice on how to order the fight for TV viewers courtesy of Red. (He is doing the official stream)


Currently there are two payment gateways that Sky utilise for purchasing 'on demand' events.


Due to limited time in getting the platform off the ground in time for the Froch fight, PrimeTime have utilised the 'IPPV' method of purchasing the fight.


What this means is, you will need to ring them and make the purchase of the fight over the phone. They will then take your £12.95 and then set up a PPV account with Sky (a further £2.50).


They will then ask if your box is connected to a telephone line. If your box IS NOT connected to a telephone line then you will NOT be able to purchase the broadcast.


The reason for this is, on the night, you will be presented an option to purchase the fight. When you press select to view, then select to confirm the purchase, the box will dial out to confirm that payment is in place and will then activate the broadcast.


On the night, it may say that the fight is £14.95 when you press select. If you have purchased the fight earlier for £12.95 then DO NOT FEAR your account will only be debited for that amount and not the higher amount.


For the next fight (Kessler vs Ward) the OPPV method of purchasing the fight will be in place.


You will simply select it from the screen and the fight will be confirmed via satellite with no requirement for any connection. Due to time constraints previously described, this method of payment has not been put in place in time for this event.


So your choices are to purchase a telephone extension lead to get that box hooked up to the telephone line or you can view the fight online.

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