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Ricky Hatton would have beaten Mayweather


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Ricky Hatton would have beaten Mayweather had he been able to work on the inside


By Sean McDaniel: I recently watched the old fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Ricky Hatton from 2007, and I was appalled at how Hatton was kept from fighting on the inside by the referee Joe Cortez that worked the fight.


I had forgotten how many breaks in the action that had occurred in that fight and in seeing it again years later was a real eye opener for me.


It seemed like each time that Hatton would try to work on the inside against Mayweather and get something going, Cortez would jump in and pull Hatton off of Mayweather and then restart them at the center of the ring. Hatton, an inside fighter by trade, never seemed to get a fair change in the fight with all the breaks in the action.


It was pretty sad to see the guy come all the way to U.S from England and then have to experience that. I’m not sure who’s idea it was to have Cortez work the fight, but whoever it was it sure ended up working out good for Mayweather.


And after the fight, Mayweather mugged in front of the camera s with one arm draped around the neck of Cortez, as if to say ‘thanks, buddy.’ It was off putting. I think Hatton would have done so much better had a more hands off referee worked the fight like Steve Smoger, who would have likely stepped back and let Hatton work when in close.


There wasn’t any clinches to speak of. When Hatton was in close, he was always trying to work and was throwing punches. But Cortez kept swooping constantly and breaking the action while Hatton was trying to work on the inside.


It’s too bad Hatton try and get a rematch with a different referee and maybe a different venue because I think he could have done a lot better than he did if he was able to his fight. I think Hatton would have taken Mayweather if he had a referee that actually let him fight instead of pulling him off of Mayweather.




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No doubt that Cortez was as bad as McBride states though I also agree with Gav regarding Floyds excellent infighting in the fight.


I remember writing soon after the fight Rob, that Cortez was a muppet because he was trying to help a guy that obviously didn't need help. Mayweather was more than comfortable with whatever Ricky tried, including what Mickey Vann calls " the naughties "

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Ricky Hatton was only ever going to be dangerous whilst Mayweather was working him out.


And it has to be said, in fairness to Hatton, early in the fight he was making a mark.


I always thought, looking at the first couple of rounds, that Mayweather was a bit surprised by the fact that Hatton actually tried to go after him, seeing as he hadnt had an opponent do that to him for while.


Ortiz reffing of the fight was poor but Mayweather was always going to win once he had figured out how to deal with Hatton.

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Cortez interfering with the two fighters is vastly exaggerated! If people watch the fight, this only happened in the first three rounds. After that, Cortez allowed them inside. I know a lot of fans also whine about the point deduction but it was the intention rather than whether the punch connected. Mayweather showed in the last 4 rounds how better he was. I had the fight even up until the 6th, at least off the top of my head since I have never scored it.
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