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About how fast long power


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  Although some people in the boxing SanNianWuZai calls to boxing, but strength, speed, but not improve. A good fighter is strength, speed, time grasp of the distance, three an aptitude for superior. In addition must also will fast, accurate, malicious three characters gist remember, this is the magic weapon to overcome okay. Therefore it shall be for the training of three key. Some fighter training to boxing, investigate its reason is training method is not correct, or not a systematic way to practice. I take the liberty of will I study boxing more than three years to a man of experience and some training methods announced as follows to share with occur around fighter help. Now I am a seconds to play five boxing. Of course there is not the proper place, please professional comment!!!!!!


  A, elementary training tutorial


  Elementary training, achievement is to increase the best training method and arm strength, is also improve the speed of a boxing power effective practice.


  Elementary training: bring sanda gloves or boxing gloves, sand in the wrist strap bound, practice boxing quick action. Also can bring boxing gloves and sand belt do push-ups practice. Each group of 10, the three groups. Also don't wear gloves to practice. This exercise to boxing surface hardness strengthen, improve the achievement and arm strength. Now life time is compact, can be in when you walk, clenching fists, and then relax practice. Also can be in rest when clenching fists, in relaxed, in the hold. This training for increased arm strike force is also helpful. To adapt to the above practice, can run a boxing, Bruce lee once said "as in running punches or kick it to your combat art have a new leap. So who don't ignore the practice drills.


  Second, intermediate training tutorials


  Intermediate training, is actually learning theory, this will help improve their strike capability.


  Intermediate training (theories) : a muscle is not developed boxing superior, but it can focus on the whole body strength in hair of boxing, which hit the powerful one punch. The secret is, can set in a little force, with the power to moment, so it can be away every opponent.


  The above theory, we are inspired, to hit a powerful blow to concentrated on a little. Can imagine each opponent gut punch can crush, beat, want to have the power of destroy everything.


  Training methods: take the iron stick or dumbbell punches of practice, in the arm or sand put the bandage belt practice. Experience movement speed. Once take away the iron stick or dumbbell will feel easy going, pay attention to hit don't will force focused on the surface, but to use the blow things thoughts penetration in, the dozen destroyed, has the power of destroy everything. In practice always to have this kind of consciousness.


  Three, senior training tutorials


  The so-called advanced training in fact is the use of the hip, actually a lot of boxer all know use it.


  Bruce lee once said: "the hair of the source of power punches and not to place BeiWan, but from the center of the body parts (hip)". Only in the arm strength, played to a fist, and is unable to provide enough strength. So, to hit the powerful one punch, still need to use the use of the hip, and play a good one punch.


  Punches strength rapidly improve, must improve the upper limb power (should also have a correct posture and send force feeling), the first can improve lie push power, with the maximum weight (limit weight) of sixty percent to 70, a group of do 10 times a trained five groups, the next day training time, after practice practice squats (crouch partly) to take barbells and hard to pull, and then carry the barbell practice turn waist (each 5 groups), and the last punch gloves playing sandbags, the effect is very good, but after training to pay attention to relax.

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Ok I get that these posts are spam, but I really dont understand what the aim of it is.


The links at the bottom maybe?


How many people actually click a link at the bottom of a post of someone you know, let alone someone whose just posted a load of giberish?


They are quite funny to read though I suppose.

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