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The cheat is on his way back


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It's an absolute outrage," Bob Arum told The Associated Press. "It's something that I never thought would happen in the United States, where somebody who is totally and completely innocent, has no knowledge what happened, and didn't do anything wrong, gets his license taken away because his trainer allegedly did something wrong. Everybody is blown away. It's absolutely crazy."


That was then and now is now for the versatile, the flexible boxing promoter, Bob Arum.

Antonio Margarito, caught cheating with his loaded handwraps before he fought and lost to Sugar Shane Mosley Jan. 24 in Los Angeles, is not doing any California dreaming.

Accroding to Arum, the Tijuana Tornado will be able to return to the ring in virtually any other state come February.

The way Arum tells it, the one-year California commission expires in January 2010 and Margarito has no plans to go hat in hand before that board seeking to be relicensed.


“The ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) has said he is free to apply for a license anywhere outside of California when the suspension ends,” Arum said Wednesday. “So that is what he will do.”

Margarito—or “Margocheato” as he’s become known—looms as a wild card in Arum's Top Rank promotional deck.


AP Photo

“He could be an opponent for Manny Pacquiao, that’s possible, but he also has a natural rematch against Miguel Cotto,” Arum said.

Arum revealed that Cotto, who fights Pacman Nov. 14, is still burning about how his trainer and uncle Evangelista Cotto and cutman Miguel Diaz neglected to carefully watch Margarito getting his hands wrapped before their bout in Las Vegas.

Cotto later fired both his uncle and Diaz and is now trained by the less experienced Jose Santiago.

“Miguel has every right to be mad and to fire them,” Arum said. “They didn’t do what they were supposed to do.”

Arum, fresh from visiting the Pacman training camp in Baguio, will visit the Cotto camp in Tampa Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Going out to intentionaly damage another boxer GBH stlye. Which essentialy is what he has done has no place in the sport. He WILL get the fights though as Ironjab says theres to much $$$$$$ as stake.


On one hand i would like to see Cotto smash him up for revenge but theres also a aprt of me that doesnt want too see him get a payday

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Boxing will let him back and he will generate more interest and money than he did before. In boxing even bad publicity sells.


He has committed one of the worst offenses known in boxing yet people will tune in and some commission will allow him to fight.


goodp// totally agree, he will generate more interest now than ever. People will want to see him fight again to see how he performs. if he looks great people will say that he only attempted to cheat in the mosely fight and was caught, but on the other hand if he performs badly people will say he was cheating for years.


If cotto beats pac i wouldnt like to see him rematch margo as why give someone with all these allegations surrounding cheating a massive payday when cotto would be one of the top names in the sport.


still hoping for the dream fight winner of cotto vs pac against mayweather

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