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The OTHER results from Saturday


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Julio Cesar Miranda beat journeyman Cecilio Santos

I've not seen the fight but some who did see it said Miranda (a former WBO Flyweight champion) was extremely lucky to escape with the W.


Orlando Salido beat Weng Haya

Again I didn't get to see the bout. Salido was dropped twice early (boxrec says rounds 3 and 4) before mounting a comeback to beat Haya in round 8. It was the first time the almost unknown Haya had been stopped, though it bodes well for Salido's future opponents (Lopez?) that Salido was dropped so early.


Cristian Mijares beat Alejandro Valdez

The largely forgotten Mexican slickster scored the 20th stoppage win of his career as he moved to 44-6-2 by beating former title challenger Valdez in 3 rounds.


Max Bursak beat Laatekwei Hammond

Despite Hammond being much bigger than the middleweight contender he was no challenge for Bursak who won in 3. I'm including this result just because I want to mention Hammond's previous opponent, A man called Sunday King Hammer


Yuriy Nuzhnenko beat Adham Nazarov

Former world champion Nuzhnenko out pointed novice Nazarov over 8 rounds.


Andy Ruiz Jr beat Theron Johnson

Heavyweight prospect Ruiz moved to 13-0 (8) by out pointing Johnson over 6 rounds. Ruiz scored a 60-53 shut out.

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