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Are we over-rating Andre Ward?


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In the past few days I've heard people say Ward would beat a prime Jones Jr and is almost a lock to one day by the P4P #1. Though are we rating him a bit too highly in all honesty?

Ward turns 28 in February (2012) and has so far beaten only a handful of recognisable names including Edison Miranda (and we know he was only ever a limited slugger), Mikkel Kessler (in an impressive but butt marred bout), Allan Green (who was never anything other than hype), Sakio Bika (another messy but marred bout against a limited dirty man), Arthur Abraham (a man who has NEVER beaten a notable Super Middleweight and was shown up by Dirrell and Froch in 2 of his 3 previous fights) and Froch (a tough and rugged but wild brawler).


By the same age Jones had beaten-

Hopkins, Malinga, Tate, Toney, Pazienza, Thornton, Lucas and McCallum and was 34-0. He'd gone from Middleweight to Light Heavyweight and had often looked untouchable.


Don't get me wrong Ward does look very good, he looks slick, has fast hands, throws some incredibly fast shots for a Super Middleweight and seems surprisingly strong...but has generally beaten limited opposition or while opponents as opposed to genuinely skilled or slick fighters...

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we aren't overrating him, some silly people who don't know what they are talking about are. theres a chance he could end up p4p #1 someday but i wouldn't bet money on it. there has to be something special about a fighter to hold that spot in most cases (toney, jones, mayweather, pacquiao, etc.). ward is solid but not special.
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He's a good fighter, but I totally agree with what you're saying. He's by no means a "great" fighter, at least yet, and imo, he won't ever be one.

He's a spoiler who is difficult to hit cleanly, and for that reason, very difficult to beat.

All spoilers eventually run into someone they can't spoil and come undone though.

He's "relatively" fast, for a super middleweight, but I've seen a lot faster fighters. He doesn't hold any real KO power. We're yet to see if he can really box from range against top class opposition.

His main strength, is that he can get in, get off some nice combinations, and then either hold or get out before his opponent can do anything to counter.

He's very very good at what he does, but few people with that style are ever considered greats, because it isn't great to watch.

Some people call it the "sweet science" afterall, he's hitting and not getting hit, but imo, the real sweet science in that sense is having a plethora of shots in your arsenal, and having fast feet and good body movement, so that you can box from range and stay at range and make your opponent look silly with movement.

Not with tying them up, not with holding, not with elbows or heads.


I've heard many big boxing reporters and casual fans alike declaring Ward an alltime great and a supreme talent, after the Froch fight, but in the same breath the same people are now classing Froch as "ordinary".

You can't have it both ways as far as I'm concerned. If Froch is ordinary, then Ward has simply beaten an ordinary fighter, and it proves nothing.

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I think it's almost inevitable when a fighter in Ward's position scores a big win to then go Crazy and have him winning against all-kinds-of-names from the past. I'm sure the only reason we don't have legends from the 1900's brought up is because Super-Middlweight wasn't around then, we're saved by it's relatively young existence as a division (I think it started in early eighties, although I'm sure various versions probably existed before then). So while we are getting comparisons to Jones, Toney, Calzaghe, etc. just be thankful we don't have to go back 100 years grin// People go nuts and lose perspective, and it's the same people everytime.....they never learn.
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Over rated?


By Boxing fans, no.


Boxing fans will always find flaws, even in the best, and tend not to get carried away by hype. Not that Ward is hype for the record.


By the Boxing media, hell yes!


Its not Wards fault at all, but he is a nice guy and religious (which infuriates me when he keeps telling us God did all this) and the US media in particular are crying out for a good fighter who isnt a bit of a knob or a foreigner.


Will he make it to the P4P no.1 spot. Maybe, but not until Pacquaio and Mayweather have retired. Regardless of who each of us view at the top, the general consensus is its one of those two.

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