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Molitor's unfinished business vs. Gauthier


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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario (December 15, 2011) -- Two-time world super bantamweight champion Steve "The Canadian Kid" Molitor has picked out the perfect Christmas present for provincial rival Sebastian Gauthier, wrapped with a bow on top and even delivered it to Quebec City. Unfortunately, at least for now, the gift remains unopened.


Last month in Gauthier's backyard, after Molitor (34-2, 12 KOs) won a 10-round split decision on the Lucian Bute-Glenn Johnson card at Pepsi Center in Quebec City, Team Gauthier loudly complained about an unfair outcome and requested an immediate rematch. Team Molitor has officially offered a rematch February 11 to Gauthier (21-3, 13 KOs) at Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, which is where Steve lives and trains.


"It was a fairly easy fight for me," Molitor said, "other than for the massive cut over my eye that I got from a head-butt in the first round. The cut bled into my eye (left) the whole fight and it was difficult for me to see. I hurt him a few times but couldn't stick to my plan because of all the blood in my eye. It riled me a little and I lost my train of thought. I've been boxing 23 years and knew that a cut above the eye wasn't dangerous or reason to stop the fight. I was a little worried about that, though, when the doctor checked me right before the 10th round.


"After the decision was announced, they thought he won or that it should have been a draw. But there was no real controversy because I knew that, hands down, I had won. The only judge that didn't have me winning had the same last name as my opponent. Gauthier said he wanted a rematch and I said, no problem, but we'll fight this time in Mississauga."


In recent media reports, however, Gauthier has seemingly taken a side step, claiming that he now wants to fight Molitor sometime down the road. What apparently fueled talk about the decision being controversial may be attributed to French-Canadian television announcer Russ Anber's posting of round-by-round scoring on in-house screens at the venue, which was viewed by 15,000 emotionally-charged hometown fans supporting Gauthier, who wore merchandise and used equipment by Rival Boxing, a Canadian company co-founded by Anber. All three judges scored the bout, 96-94, but the lone official who ruled in Gauthier's favor, incidentally, was indeed Jean Gauthier.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/blog/35-demo-content/31953--molitors-unfinished-business-vs-gauthier.html#ixzz1ge4nKpOQ

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