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Tyson Fury talks about son's fight for life


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TYSON FURY has spoken for the first time about the agony his family went through and his son battled for life.


The British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion admits he was a hopeless wreck as seven-week-old Prince came desperately close to dying.


All 6ft 9in and 17 stone of Fury shook with emotion when he revealed: "The doctors gave us 60-40 on whether he was going to pull through. “He was in intensive care for 2 weeks his heart rate kept going right down and it wasn’t looking very good. “You just don’t realise how much deep love you have for someone until they are about to die. “it really does hit you in the face, hits you harder and causes more hurt than any punch.”




Fury, 23, and wife Paris were numb with fear when their boy was admitted to the specialist children's hospital in Sheffield last month with a breathing problem.


Prince stopped breathing THREE times as his tiny body fought for life in an incubator. Fury added “He was only seven weeks old and he contracted bronchiolitis. “My wife was running around screaming and crying. “Being the man of the family, I had to show some strength but there were many times when I felt like crying as well. “We prayed to God and God answered our prays. “I was looking at my new born son with pipes coming out of him everywhere.


“There seemed miles of wires and he was plugged into 3 or 4 machines. He was in serious trouble. “We were in dreadful situation with the possibility of losing a child - the worst thing than can happen to any parent”.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/blog/35-demo-content/31949--tyson-fury-talks-about-sons-fight-for-life.html#ixzz1gcYBVycg

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