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Attitude Is Important


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Fighters who will fight anyone at any time, and legitimately mean it, are few and far between these days. Those fighters commonly have a few losses but usually have a loyal fan base.


Hall-of-Fame promoter J Russell Peltz told me what it was like to promote fighters such as former WBA bantamweight champion Jeff Chandler (left), of South Philadelphia, and the attitude he had towards the sport. I hope that I end up coming across fighters like him. Chandler, a Hall-of-Famer himself, not only would fight anybody, but also wanted to fight the best. He finished his career with a record of 33-2-2 (18K0s) and nobody ever had to question his talent; he was one of the best.


Hearing about Chandler and about the days when boxing was still a major sport makes me jealous. That’s someone a promoter or a television network needs; a fighter willing to risk everything because he has the talent and heart of a true warrior. Chandler had those attributes.


With that attitude or without it, a fighter will be criticized. There are many talented fighters out there but it takes more than talent to become a major attraction. It is difficult for a fighter to build a fan base, and without a fan base promoters and television networks sometimes lose interest. Win or lose, a good performance and a decent following can get a fighter to the next level.


Read More: http://ringnews24.com//index.php/blog/35-demo-content/31944-attitude-is-important.html#ixzz1gbe6tY00

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When I heard that Main Events was launching the new series on NBC Sports (formerly the Versus cable channel) I had guarded optimism, others including Top Rank have tried using Versus as a boxing vehicle and had mixed results, periodically they'd have really good fights but it was inconsistent, they never seemed willing to commit fully to boxing and you'd have long periods with no fights. When I heard that Hall of Fame Matchmaker Russell Peltz was involved, all my concerns were alleviated........


Russell's going to put on the kind of matchups we want to see. If you don't want to have REAL fights a la Jeff Chandler, then you won't be a part of this endeavor, you can rest assured of that. Looking forward to this new series.....

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