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Wish list for 2012?


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What 5 fights do you want in 2012...and why?

For me-

Peterson v Bradley II

Unification of WBA, WBO, IBF and a chance to see who is the real #1 at 140 ALSO allows Peterson to avenge only loss.


Tepparith v Suriyan II

All Thai unification fight at 115 between two VERY under-rated fighters, it pits Ring magazines #2 and #7 fighters at the weight against each other and allows Tepparith revenge for one of his losses. Wonderfully these 2 are ranked 1 and 2 on boxrec,


Golovkin v Pirog

Another unification bout but this time the two fighters are unbeaten and highly rated. Both claim to be the divisions most avoided man though for me Pirog has had much better competition.


Viloria v Wonjongkam

Viloria has had a year to remember with wins over Miranda AND Segura, both were upset wins and he has probably managed to snick the "little mans fighter of the year" whilst Wonjongkam is...well Wonjongkam. This would be yet another unification and it could also be Wonjongkams US debut


Roman Gonzalez v Donnie Nietes

Yes another unification, yes another smaller weight...but damnit would this ever be great. You'd have 2 of the most over-looked fighters on the planet. Gonzalez is arguably the most complete package in the lower weights whilst Nietes is unbeaten barring a controversial loss to Angky Angkota (Angkota weighed in over the limit and still struggled to a decision in his homeland) back in 2004. Both men were previously Straweight champions as well and are unbeaten in world title fights (14 fights combined, 8 for Gonzalez 6 for Neites)

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Boxing's a funny game...when one wafer-thin decision apparently takes Khan out of the running and all of a sudden people are talking about Peterson as a real contender in the division, while he was barely rated in the days before the fight.

The only thing I was impressed with and didn't really pick out watching Peterson before, was his handspeed. He maybe worked on it to try and counter Khan's main asset, but he has good fast hands and threw some nice combinations.

Other than that, I'm not anymore convinced by Peterson than I was before the Khan fight, and as far as Khan goes, he'll always have his detractors because of his big mouth, but stylistically I still give him far more chance of beating the leading contenders than either Bradley or Peterson.



As for a Christmas wishlist, there's not really a "massive" fight that whets my appetite right now...I'm sure one will develop in 2011, but I get fed up of promoters trying to build up a fight, when it's already at peak demand.

Pacquiao's performance against Marquez has fizzled my interest in the Mayweather fight.

Haye's performance against Wlad has put me off the potential Vitali fight...I'd like to think that if he went for it, he would realistically have a great chance. there's not a hope in hell I'm forking out a load of money to watch a repeat performance of his "tactical" approach though. It's poor to watch and he doesn't throw near enough punches. He should go back to basics and do what got him there in the first place.

Juanma Lopez killed off the last "superfight" among the little guys when he lost to Salido. I hope he can stage some sort of comeback to make the Gamboa fight happen, but it isn't going to be the same 50/50 tearup that made everyone want to see it in the first place.


My Christmas wishlist is basically for promoters to make the big fights happen right when everyone wants to see them.

I'm fed up of some fighters ducking and dodging, and some promoters over-protecting their fighters, and long-running feuds between promoters, mainly causing a hindrance to the biggest fights going ahead.

We've been denied a few classic bouts, mainly because of the above.


I'm waiting to see how a few results pan out, but the Froch vs Ward winner should face Bute next.

You've also got a lot of potential great matchups involving Martinez, Cotto, Pirog, Alvarez and maybe Williams if he can get himself back in the mix (though I'd prefer to see him back at welterweight).

Wouldn't mind a Huck vs Cunningham rematch...

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Peterson-Khan surely makes more sense than Peterson-Bradley. Well all know belts represent shit all these days and there is no doubt the Khan fight was closer than the Bradley one.


Peterson has improved since their first fight (by quite a bit), it allows him to avenge his only loss and sorts out the divisions 1 and 2. Khan might have been close but lets be honest, he over-looked Peterson and then bad mouthed fans, referees and DC, so basically...fuck him. Peterson should make him crawl on his hands and knees (apparently they have signed to meet early next year...but oh well)

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I understand that there ISN'T a Rematch clause in the Contract (according to Peterson's Trainer/Manager Hunter). If true, then it's just one more screw-up by Golden Boy, who due to their over-confidence foolishly held the fight in Peterson's hometown and also signed-off on a questionable Ref. The lack of a rematch clause would just be another log on the fire as to why Amir Khan wasn't served by his American promoter.
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The #2 in the IBF was Danny Garcia, who's going to be matching up with Erik Morales for the WBC title, so there's no question that Khan will be installed as the new #1 and inherit the mandatory position and start the clock rolling on that. It may take till Summer, but eventually Peterson will HAVE to fight Khan even if he chooses not to at this particular moment.
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gonna keep it short as a little drunk..


Kell in with somone decent so i can judge his progress


Clev fighting someone i actually care about


Groves moving up a level


Fury stepping up and probably being found out


Price being found out


Oh and Floyd fighting full stop.. Im biased but unless its Pac its irrelevant

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