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Results from Canada (SPOILERS)


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David Lemieux lost a majority decision to Joachim Alcine

After starting well Lemieux's stamina went and he generally lost the last 6 rounds clearly and some of the earlier ones. Alcine looked determined and really fought his heart out, took the beats Leamieux had to offer and then dominated the Canadian youngster.


Adonis Stevenson dominated Aaron Pryor Jr

Steveson rattled shots off Pryor's head repeatedly and dropped him multiple times before a 9th round TKO. The fight really should have been stopped several rounds earlier as Stevenson was rocked, hurt and shook up every round and couldn't stop the on rushing Stevenson from missing his chin. Referee Brandon Wright really messed this fight up for me by letting Pryor take such a beating.


Arash Usmanee impressed against Antonio Joao Bento

Whilst the Usmanee couldn't finish off Bento he really dominated the tough Portuguese journeyman over 10 rounds. Usmanee landed some great shots through 10 pretty 1 sided rounds and showed good shot placement though possibly lacks power. The Afghanistan born Candian based fighter is pretty good in a division that generally lacks big names, so hopefully GYM can build him up in Canda.


The decisions:

Kevin Lavallee, Tyler Asselstine and Didier Bence each maintained their unbeaten records with decisions.


The Colombians:

Colombian Light Heavyweight prospect Eleider "Storm" Alvarez blew out Emiliano Cayetano to win the WBO NABO Light Heavyweight title. "Storm" needed just 155 seconds to score a chilling KO. Alvarez moves to 7-0 (5)

Heavyweight prospect Oscar "Kaboom" Rivas stopped Matthew Greer in 3 in the biggest test of Rivas's short professional career. Greer acted as a measuring stick for Rivas

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Lemieux is at a rare crossroads for such a young fighter after the back-to-back defeats. It doesn't appear as though the move away from Russ Anber proved to be the "answer" to his problems like he foolishly seemed to think, the difficulties lay much deeper than that and he better get with somebody who can solve those stamina problems or he'll be a flickering light that we barely remember in the not to distant future. Adonis Stevenson had a nice win over Pryor Jr. and should be the one that Canadian fans are focusing on instead.
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