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Kane Baker Exposing Illegal Betting Makes Fans Demand Aqib Fiaz to Be “Banned for Life”

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By Arijit Saha, Essentially Sports

A black day for boxing indeed! Some developments in the sport could be mistaken for a plot of a Guy Ritchie movie.

The story starts with Matchroom head Eddie Hearn calling off a fight between Aqib Fiaz and Kane Baker set to take place at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham. The duo were going to trade punches inside the ring for the second time following their October 2020 showdown. But, some suspicious “irregular betting activity” meant that the undercard fight was pulled off from the Tyler Denny vs Felix Cash main card. “Myself and the team had to react to it, we spoke to the BBBofC and I decided to pull the fight pending an investigation that will take place. There is an investigation taking place, and I’m sure the board will be making further comments as they will be looking into it.” Hearn told IFL TV.


But, the latest reports bring more intrigue to the story. Baker himself has come in with a fresh batch of allegations that, if proved true, would bring shame to the sport of boxing. Shocking accusations of bribes being given to throw away the fight have been made. Although the allegations are yet to be verified by the authorities in charge of the investigation, it didn’t stop boxing fans from calling out the frailties of the “dirtiest sport in the world”.

While talking about the canceled fight, Hearn stated that he didn’t have to deal with a situation like this in fifteen years, and was “disappointed” with the sequence of events that took place. Adding a new chapter to the saga, Kane Baker took to his Instagram story to recount how he was offered “bribes and money” in his hotel to “take a dive” in his scheduled bout with Fiaz.

“This whole situation only got flagged when a member of my family contacted the other team to ask why there was bribes and money at my hotel. The fight was never going ahead unless I agreed to take a dive that’s fucking facts. Team Fiaz did not want to fight me. And told me several times.” Baker stated in his Instagram story.

Baker further said that the proper investigation of the case would prove his innocence. He has made it clear that there were no bets made by his team. “If I wanted to bet on myself I wouldn’t have a member of team Fiaz flying around getting bets on. I would get them on myself. Make it make sense,” the statement further read.

His Instagram story also sheds light on the supposedly shady workings of Team Fiaz, “And the fact that Fiaz reckons he’s been told he can’t speak on the matter is pure bullsh*t. So enough bullsh*t ya pair of pr*cks, you’ve admitted it to your manager so find an arsehole between ya, and tell the truth to the fans.” 

Moreover, in another story, he tagged Steve Goodwin, a boxing promoter, and accused a member of his team of placing bets on him. He said that the fight was called off only when his family member got in contact with the opponent team’s coach – “the only person with any decency”.

“This is my livelihood too my mental health, why should I deal with c*nt after c*nt calling me a cheat when I have been an honest fighter my whole life,” he added.

Meanwhile, Team Fiaz has still not responded to the accusations.


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