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Savage Centennial Anniversary, Jack Dempsey vs Luis Firpo!


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--- Aye, today the day, November 14th 1923:

A Century ago Argentinian Slugger Luis Angel Firpo gave fellow slugger Jack Dempsey his hardest fight, knocking him to his knees before knocking him out of the ring. Yet in the beginning that was  Firpo getting blasted to the canvas repeatedly in the most exciting boxing fight seen in the gloved era to that point.

This is the dramatic classic painting of the moment commissioned by the retired Jack for his New York Steakhouse that was a hopping place to be in New York City, especially after any big fight. Dempsey landed on top the tables of press row typewriters where he could’ve been seriously injured by all that machinery and sturdy tables, so he dodged a bullet there, but the accusation that dogged him was he was out of the ring for more than 20 secs which is the modern rule and had help by reporters who were actually only trying to get him off their typewriters.


When men were still Men and yes, Virginia, Women could attend boxing matches.


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