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Prograis vs Haney - foregone conclusion?

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The Undisputed Lightweight champion Devin Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) is stepping up a division. He'll challenge WBC super lightweight champion Regis Prograis (29-1, 24 KOs).

The fight will air on DAZN, on 9th December, and take place at the Chase Center, San Francisco, USA.

Do you see this as a competitive fight or a foregone conclusion?


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Should be a good one. Prograis at his best wins this. Question is will we get his best. If so, bad news for Haney. Prograis was diminished in his last fight; some said perhaps spooked/distracted fighting in his backyard but he'd fought there before. May not seem so but he is 34 years old.

Yes Haney's the one moving up but he's a big dude. These two are even in height and Haney's the longer. Haney's still only 24 but well into his prime. He's shown he can handle elite southpaws - Loma and JoJo Diaz. Prograis may have been at his best during his WBSS run until he ran into Taylor. Even if he's able to summon some of that, Haney can prevent him from reaching his best.

Haney's won his last seven fights by a UD12. So...Haney by a UD12.

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This should be a real cracker.


I think Regis has the better defense, but he's surely slowing down with age.  

No predictions from me, other than a high level of action and skill.   

Big fan of both of these guys.  I have to root for Haney, though.  Changing of the guard and all that .....

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