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Jesus Alejandro Ramos Jr vs Erickson Lubin


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Can anyone explain this result ?

Patricia Morse Jarman 117-111
John McKaie 116-112  
Chris Migliore 115-113

Myself, the commentary team, every single person I've spoken to around forums, called it the opposite way.

Sam Watson never batted an eyelid when the result was read out, so is this another case of Haymon rewarding loyal but stinky black fighters over Meskin-heritage fighters ? Just like Colbert vs Rayo ?

Please no one say it was close and could have gone either way because it clearly wasn't the case.

And I know everyone doesn't like Compubox but its come a long way in its 38 years of existence and tells the story of what I saw:



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As referenced in another thread yes this was THEE most horrendous decision of the weekend. Not even close. Between judges being incompetent and judges being bought, I give judges the benefit of the doubt. They're not incompetent. PBC's game is selling American fighters to an American audience. (I'll steer clear of the race angle.)

Unrelated, throughout the undercard fights, there was Mauricio Sulaiman - head of the WBC - seated ringside alongside the idle judges and referees while they watched the fights they weren't working. An epically inappropriate seating arrangement. How's that for building confidence in the integrity of the NSAC?

For the main event, Sulaiman moved up to front row ringside two seats away from the replay officials. Surely he wasn't in charge of replay review, as he had been in the Ryder fight, where no one knew there was replay review until it was needed. Had there been a controversial moment in Canelo-Charlo, you suppose Sulaiman would've patiently sat there? Or would he have stuck his nose between the replay judges and added his two pesos? Where were the heads of the WBA, IBF and WBO? Do they not count? Not a good night for the NSAC.

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- - Could be they filled in the wrong corner color like they did Manny vs floydy. They had to make a public correction so the proper "Big Player" betting slips could be rewarded.

Here there's no $$$ by big players to be had, so Vega commish let their bonehead mistake slide lest they show more of their incompetence in public who already recognizes their corruption.

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