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Joshua vs Whyte Off

Bear Hugger

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No loss.


They should give Fabio Wardley a shot. Still Brit vs Brit, and Wardley has a belt.

The only problem is, although a cheating POS, Wardley would likely destroy AJ. 

But heck, Fast Eddie would still get to cash out his crippled cow.



Sadly,  I read that Gerald Washington is being considered as the short notice replacement. 

This is a complete joke, but not really surprising.

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Disgraceful. No idea if true. Seems there's been a few tests coming to light.

Who steps in?

The original riders for this fight were Otto Wallin, Dillian Whyte & Agit Kabayel. Otto has stated he'll step in, the trouble is he's a southpaw. Another southpaw has already been ruled out (Demsey McKean).

Names offering their services are Andy Ruiz Jr, Manuel Charr, and Jack Massey and others.

Undercard boxers: Chisora has been mentioned but he and Anthony are from the same amateur gym. Chisora is like a big brother, so doubt it. Gerald Washington (Chisora's opponent) is possible but the show wouldn't be PPV. Hrgovic will want plenty of money and rightly so. Will he risk his almost guaranteed title shot at Usyk? Is he too dangerous at this late stage?

Agit Kabayel ticks all the boxes for me. He's undefeated and the current European Heavyweight champion. Beat Chisora years ago. Similar size to Whyte and a 12 round fighter.

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