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Nathan cleverly


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Nathan cleverly is making good progress, another fine win last night against Courtney Fry Tko8 but this was not the Nathan that dominated mcIntosh back in July last night he took punches from fry that should & could have been avoided ok he got the job done in style but I just wonder if he is starting to believe the hype that MR warren & others are building around him.

there is already talk of world title fights next year at least 1 year too soon IMHO admittedly this talk is not coming from Nathan who seems set on progressing the right way another defence of his two titles then maybe European honours before stepping up on the world stage would seem the sensible route.


Last nights show at York Hall was in general a good bill with just two ill matched fights Derek chisora had nothing to face in a guy that could just as easy been watching the boxing as being punched around the ring by Del boy.

But taking the biscuit for sheer ineptitude has to be the guy with the equally unpronounceable name that was in with Michael walsh who never gave the ref the chance to intervene waving the fight off himself after just 26 sec. Ryan & Liam kept their Os going in two competitive fights ,Billy Joe is making progress he has good head movement & a stiff jab which are two of the essential tools, young John Wayne Hibbert looks to have potential

That said as always the atmosphere at York Hall was electric

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I dont think Cleverly was at his best but he is still on a learning curve and is looking good.I did expect the fight to go the distance but he did the job in the end.

I hope warren doesnt rush him too much and let him have quite a few fights at domestic level then european.

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