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Anson Wainwright~Spence/Crawford a Done Deal?

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2 minutes ago, Smartass said:

Does anyone care about Martin?? one of the poorest HW's out there for sure!

Wrong there, he's not one of the poorest Heavyweights out there. He's independently ranked as the 39th-best Heavyweight in the World, out of 1,371 active Heavies.
Am sure if someone ranked you as the 39th best Troll, you'd be well happy and crack open a can of Labatt's in your cellar. But, you're a long way off but keep dreaming young'un.

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6 minutes ago, Smartass said:

rob does anyone seriously rate him? who does he beat in the top 10 to at least legitamise him? I remember all the bumph coming out of his mouth before he fought AJ and since then he hasnt really got any better, im not trolling im making a fair point tbh

He's not a proper threat but he's better than I thought. Improved a bit. He'd make a decent scalp for some of the Brits coming up. I watched his interview on IFLTV, he was at the weigh-in for the Davis vs Garcia fight. He let it slip that he has a fight on the Spence vs Crawford card, which hasn't been confirmed yet. Seemed a nice guy in the interview - thought he gave Luis Ortiz and Kownacki good fights.

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