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like father like son


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The retirement of ross minter got me think of fathers & sons that boxed, it's a hard track to follow your fathers steps as many have found take Marvis frazier matched real tough by his dad Joe blasted out in 1 round by both Larry Holmes & Mike Tyson.

Joe Bugner JR lacked the defencive skills of his dad & never made his mark

Going back Jack London was one of the famous British Horizontal heavyweights of the 1940s & son brian did his best to keep up family tradition especially in a third round lay down against Alli.

Buster Mathis Jr never got up to level his father did although a success at basketball & football when he told his father he wanted to box buster senior told him "you play basketball & football you don't play boxing"he tried but failed on the big scene.

Two that did surpass their fathers ring achievements are James "buster" Douglas who's devastating Ko of Mike Tyson is still one of the upset of all time, his father billy had fought at a lower level & floyd Mayweather Jr who has surpassed anything his father & indeed his uncle achieved in their careers, He is still going strong & no one know just where he will finish.

There are others trying to make their mark the Hearns,Pryor,Mc Girt, Paez,offspring are treading the path who know if any will make the big leap to a title?

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I don't think Chavez Jnr will be half the fighter his dad was.


well, we don't know yet... the guy is still undefeated at the day though he still has no bout against a recognized fighter even after 40 fights... I hope he will finally fight a top boxer soon and see what he's got.

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from fightnews....



What may be a first in professional boxing took place Friday night at the Boxtempel in Berlin. When original opponent Rocky Ven pulled out of his scheduled fight against 19-year-old Harry Duiven Jr. (6-1, 4 KOs), Duiven's father and trainer Harry Duiven Sr. agreed to step in and fight against his own son. Astonishingly the Duivens went at it on full throttle and Junior scored a TKO in round two.



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Thats an old story Rob, Mike Dallas Jr is outshining his dad, WV2 has won a world title too....


I know its an old story. I remember when One Man Gang posted it on Banter in 2008. grin//


I saw the topic on another forum and searched for it on here as thought I posted it here back in the day. Anyway found this topic and posted it in here.


The son took Odlanier Solis the 8 round distance.

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