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Kell Brook takes advice


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Kell Brook is to take advice from former world champion Naseem Hamed ahead of his British title fight with Michael Jennings.


Brook, recently named Britain's Boxing Writers' Young Boxer of the Year, hails from Sheffield, just like Hamed. Brook also has the same trainer, namely Brendan Ingle.


He defends his British welterweight title at Liverpool's Echo Arena on October 30 but not before seeking out the opinions of 'Naz', a fighter he has been compared to in the past.


"Naseem was always my hero when I was growing up, and to be compared to him is very flattering," said Brook.


"I'm always looking for ways to improve, and I know getting advice from Hamed will help me go to the next level.


"Everyone keeps telling me that I am good enough to win a world title, but if I hear it from the mouth of a legend like that then it will really boost my confidence."


The unbeaten 23-year-old has vowed to follow in Hamed's footsteps by claiming the world title.


"I've got the power, I've got the skill and I've got the desire," he added. "Jennings is a stepping stone to greater things."

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im off to this fight and would like Mick to win, purely because (i may of mentioned before) he's local and from what i know an all round top bloke. On the other hand youve got an up & coming exciting British talent.


Heart say Mick wins


Head says Brook


My prediction Brook by late KO though i will be cheering Mick on

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