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Top 10 Boxers of the 1990s: Was Roy Jones Jr. the best?


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The best boxers of the 1990s!
by Mike Goodpaster

Top 10

The 1990s was a decade that doesn’t seem appreciated until you look back years later at the decade. Roy Jones, Lennox Lewis, Delahoya etc.. great fighters all over and for the most part they fought each other.
10) Ricardo Lopez

Sure Lopez meets the eye test, but I almost didn’t include him on this list because his level of competition was, for lack of a better term, shit! Lopez never fought the other two best light flyweights of his era, Michael Carbajal and Humberto Gonzalez. That, to me, is inexcusable for a fighter that wants to go down as an all-time great! He could have fought better competition but chose not to.

Read more: https://thegruelingtruth.com/boxing/top-10-boxers-of-the-1990s-was-roy-jones-jr-the-best/

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Arguably Pernell was at his best during his lightweight years so I'd go with Roy. At middle and super-middle he was untouchable and in all honesty Benn and Eubank didn't want any part of him. Fighters as good as Hopkins and Toney barely laid a glove on him. Putting Oscar in first place is bizarre bearing in mind he was beaten by Mosley and Trinidad (albeit controversially) and was run very close by an ageing Pernell.

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14 hours ago, Cableaddict said:

RJJ was my favorite to watch,  and the most athletic & creative, but no one had more pure boxing skills than Sweet Pea.


The question is specifically who was the best BOXER, not fighter, so the answer is easy.


(Sorry, Roy ! )

Boxers not boxer. Big difference. It's not a ranking on pure boxing skils.

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- - Have to say Roy as well. his only loss was a DQ against Montell Griffen whom he was beating. Blew him out in the rematch and scarcely dropped rounds in most every fight of his career for the 90s.

Montell would go on to beat Toney twice, so he definitely had great skills and talent.

Pea the #1 Clown of the 90s, not fighter.

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