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Will we see Crawford vs Spence in 2023?

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Doubtful. Spence seems off to 154 to face Thurman so he appears to prioritize his allegiance to Haymon. It's Haymon who doesn't want it and Spence capitulates. So it comes down to Spence. If the fighter demands it, the fight happens. I blamed Crawford when he re-upped with TopRank. So long as he was with TopRank it wasn't happening. Not that he's broken free, it's up to Spence.

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- - At this point, it's about like Lewis/Tyson save Lewis wasn't pro when Tyson was at his peak, but it would be the same delay, and remember most bet on Tyson to beat Lewis because of one punched glass jaw.

Spence could be a star @154 if he beats that Charlene sista and retire with some good coin and undefeated.

Bud has all the personality of a rattlesnake, but he's already top dog in Omaha with property and low cost of living. He can do whatever and retire undefeated.

Maybe grudge exhibition 2033, ya think?


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