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Who has had the better career? Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao?


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Article by Mike Goodpaster

Before we have this discussion, I know Floyd Mayweather fans are going to scream that this is not even close. Floyd easily beat Manny in 2015.

One fight does not decide this debate.

For example, who had the better career, Thomas Hearns or Roberto Duran? The answer is Duran. How can that be since Hearns destroyed Duran in two short rounds in 1984? Simple. Duran dominated the lightweight division for close to a decade. He beat a prime Sugar Ray Leonard at welterweight. Throw in the fact he went the distance with the Marvelous one and beat middleweight, Iran Barkley.

One point down. Let’s move on to the Floyd and Manny discussion.



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- - l'l floydy running from his sushi that Manny was trying to serve him.

Manny transcended the world. l'l floydy running from every threat in the latter half of his career @MGMfloydy with his own commish, drug tester, refs, and judges would melt in the international scope of Manny career. JMM ducked the 5th fight career purse proposed by Arum in a Mexico City Bullring.

That's how awesome Manny was.

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