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Combat sport pipelines drying up

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  • Combat sport pipelines drying up

    Very in depth story concerning the lower levels of combat sports being largely non-existent due to the pandemic. Where will the next gen of combat athletes come from?

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    Its not gonna last forever. No long term harm will be done. Thats a very simplistic viewpoint. A vaccine from at least 4 sources is imminent too.


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      --- Need to remember, it ain't just combat sports. The economies are wrecked and you can't suddenly replace what was taken away from the people and the only ones with $$$ are Big Inc that bodes ill for our short term future on so many levels that cannot even be imagined without a structural short, let the beatings continue...


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        - -An indeed, looks like 88 yr old Arum has mastered protocol at his MGM Bubble with steady fights, many of other promotions. Loma vs Teofilo Lopez has a lotta hostility by young Lopez who resents everything Loma stands for including his gift of 300k out of his purse as a gift for Teo to sweeten his pot. Gonna be a battle of the dad trainers too , but with 250 emergency responders Arum guested, ain't gonna nothing beyond the fireworks of the fight. Of course I pick Loma, but with trepidation this time as I've always said if he has a weakness, a top, fast handed power puncher would be the one to expose it. Fingers crossed next Saturday. Make sure your bladder is emptied with your beer iced and popcorn at the ready cause this thing could turn on a blink.