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Poor MTK linked up with another wrong 'un

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  • Poor MTK linked up with another wrong 'un

    So after trying to distance themselves from Daniel Kinahan MTK managed to put themselves in another compromising relationship.

    Earlier this year they announced

    MTK Global is delighted to announce the opening of MTK Japan; headed by renowned promoter Takashi Edagawa.

    The Muto Boxing Gym facility in Osaka originally opened its doors in 2001; producing champions such as world super-flyweight king Nobuo Nashiro and pioneering the country’s early youth tournaments won by the likes of now-unified world champion Naoya Inoue.

    As part of the agreement, MTK Global will now advise Edagawa’s impressive list of emerging stars including Yuki Strong Kobayashi, Riku Kunimoto, Akio Furutani, Hirofumi Mukai, Jaya Estremos, Yusuke Mine, Dekanarudo Torio, Ryosuke Nishida, Riku Yamashita and Hibiki Yuasa.

    With the facility becoming MTK Global’s 14th location worldwide, CEO Sandra Vaughan is more enthusiastic than ever.
    Unfortunately just weeks later the "renowned promoter" was being investigated for Tax Evasion.

    The Muto gym would also see a number of it's fighters having to pull out of bouts in July and August for unspecified reasons (speculated to be coronavirus at the gym), before Mr Edagawa was sentenced to a year in prison for the tax evasion. He's now been suspended indefinitely by the JBC, and has been given a 1 year sentence suspended for 3 years.

    Poor MTK really can't catch a break can they? And that's ignoring Carl Frampton seemingly admitting tax evasion in his court case with McGuigan...
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    'Poor' MTK dont deserve a break. Single handedly responsible for no pro boxing in Ireland.

    DKs day will come. Ireland's conspiracy to murder sentencing, upgraded this week, now carries life.