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How would Manny Pacquiao do vs. the best of the welterweights?

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  • How would Manny Pacquiao do vs. the best of the welterweights?

    As it stands now, Manny Pacquiao is still one of the biggest stars and attractions in all of the sport of boxing.

    And even though he doesn’t have a fight lined up for this year, do you have to wonder how Manny would do against the best of the welterweights.

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    - --He'd obviously do well vs all the old and new stars. He's completely old school with a credentialed old school trainer. Today in his 40s, Spence prob beats him and back when SRRobinson, Hearns, Leonard and Duran would be big hurdles. His biggest advantage has been nobody can properly train for his style sat the best southpaw in history.


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      Talking welterweight, Bud, yeah?

      I believe there's no place in boxing for PED's (its different for my game, bodybuilding, because no one is going to get their head knocked off or killed in a posedown). And Pacroid has sure been juicing 100% with so many leaps into different weight divisions, not just water retention, but pure lean gain, impossible without gear.

      12 titles in 8 - yes 8 - weight divisions (?) - do me a favour and respect my 30+ years of steroid knowledge and administration.

      That said, boxing ability wise, he still holds his own against most (not all) of the current batch. Its a heavily contested division and I do believe Pacroid still has a couple of almost top level fights left in him. Urrl, Porter, Bud, Swift and Ortiz Jr would kill him. Mikey at WW - if he still insists he's a WW would be interesting for Pacroid and possibly a good PPV moneyspinner, too (?)

      I don't know why he ducked TBE for as long as he did, he maybe was the only man at the time, (asides from the obvious/previous loss vs Castillo I) - that (possibly) had the beating of him, when the fight was first touted, due to ring guile. Left it for too long.

      Going back into history he wouldn't beat any of the natural WW's simply because he is an un-natural WW due to gear. The 80's names Bobby has mentioned would murder him at WW.


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        --- Oh dear! Sam Langford and Jimmy McLarnin you'd be banning back in the day. Even Boz has dropped this drivel for years now. Oscar a 5 div champ and TUE 51-0 5 div.


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          I'd have said Mayweather ducked Pac rather than the other way around. "TBE" wanted no part of Pac until he'd suffered significant slippage.