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Is Keith Thurman vs. Yordenis Ugas the fight to make next?

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  • Is Keith Thurman vs. Yordenis Ugas the fight to make next?

    One of boxing’s overlooked fighters is now a champion.

    On Sunday evening, Yordenis Ugas captured a split-decision victory over Abel Ramos in a fight that he pretty much controlled throughout.

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    Very nearly robbed, and 1 judge had it the other way! Shocking.

    A Thurman fight would make complete sense, yeah


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      As WBA regular champion, super champion Pacquiao may be next.


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        I had higher hopes for Keith. Quality boxer and decent pop but injuries started stalling things. Then he got married and travelling. Never been the same since. Keith needs to earn another big fight. Ugas fight would be perfect.


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          I'd like to see Ugas have at least one more high profile win experience first. I see holes in his defense.

          Also, not sure what Thurman has left, but he definitely has the high level experience. One more big win for him (first) would also be good, to get his head back in the game.

          A great fight, no matter when it happens, but IMO mid-2021 would be best.
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            Personally, Ugas bores me. I think Thurman, although he is not going through his best moments, wins without problems


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              Thurman has become a bit of a "meh" fighter hasn't he. Seemed to have just lost interest somewhat, laboured to a a few close decision wins before Manny taught him a lesson.
              I can't even recall if Thurman is a fun fighter to watch


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                - -Keef had a high KO% coming up as an exotic(long hair) fringe contender, but the million$ and marriage took his edge off. If I was his promoter or mgr, a stinker like Ugh is the last guy I'd want him to fight. Canelo gets no credit for Lady Lara or Trout stinkers, so why bother with stinkers unleaded their forced on a fighter?