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Ugas Almost Robbed (again)

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  • Ugas Almost Robbed (again)

    Utterly shocking scoring. I cannot believe this went to a split.

    Referee: Jerry Cantu
    scorecard judges scorecard
    115 Edward Hernandez Sr 113
    111 Lou Moret 117
    115 Zachary Young 113

    No idea what Moret was looking at.

    Anyone else see this even close ?

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    Atrocious. This was a wide Ugas win. Not one judge had it. What is PBC up to? The California commission should be meeting with these judges this week.


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      Just watched it.

      Wow. Ugas won almost every round.

      Well, same as it ever was..........
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        An odd thing: The stats say that both men have the same 69" reach, but in the ring, Ugas appears to have a decent reach advantage.

        Could the stats be wrong, or does this have something to do with how Ugas throws his punches?

        - Or am I just seeing things?


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          --- But Ugh won, so what's the big deal? Taking it to the cards always problematic. Was he born yesterday? Oh, no power against a guy put in to lose so the Cubano can be gifted a title. Is he a runner/stinker or just a plain ol' sinker?


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            Ugas has certainly improved much in the last few fights, although not sure he's got enough to clear out the competitive division. I would like to see him take one more fight before trying any sort of unification.


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              Originally posted by LondonRingRules View Post
              --- But Ugh won, so what's the big deal?

              The big deal, obviously, is Moret's scorecard. It's simply impossible for that to have been legit.


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                --- Don't care about Lou card and less about Ugh, the new Lady Lara 2.0. I'll watch King Kong or Kid Bazooka, but not ugh, it's that simple. The kid was a setup for a gift belt, mission accomplished, so I don't get all the moaning. His mugs should be dancing in the streets, not wetting their blouses...sheesh!


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                  One of those where the only plausible (none conspiracy plot) argument is that the judge got the boxers mixed up somehow. And if that's the case, they are obviously inept and unfit to be in that position.The guy is in his mid 70s isn't he? Time for the old boy to be put out to pasture but lets be honest, it's not really a shock that a boxing governing authority would oversee this kind of shite.


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                    --- Ton, Vegas had to correct their cards in near Billion Buck Manny/ Floyd farce. Manny in the red corner won, remember?