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Does Julio Cesar a Chavez Jr. Have a future in boxing?

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  • Does Julio Cesar a Chavez Jr. Have a future in boxing?

    Whether you love him or you hate him, there’s no denying that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is still drawing headlines in the sport.

    Heading into 2019, Chavez was enduring a two-year layoff. His journey up to that point had been checkered. It included winning the WBC middleweight title, but was also filled with letdowns, tough losses, and behavior outside of the ropes that made you wonder how bad Junior really wanted to be a pro.

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    --- The name still sells, but the kid could never get his training and weight right.

    The wine, women, and song came far too easy long before turning pro.


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      I'd be completely shocked if he was able to get his career back in track. You just don't see that dedication to the sport. Recently he called out Segio Martinez. :(


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        He barely has a PAST in boxing.

        Nothing but a recognizable name. Mexicans have Canelo & Surdo to worship, they don't need JCC's embarrassing offspring.


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          Juan Francisco Estrada > Zurdo


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            Originally posted by repsac View Post
            Juan Francisco Estrada > Zurdo

            True dat.

            Though Zurdo arguably has a better resume (Hart x2, Abraham, Angulo)
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