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Big Mouth Paulie Sacked by Showtime

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  • Big Mouth Paulie Sacked by Showtime

    --- Victimized by the WOKE era after, rather stupidly it must be mentioned, opining on racial comments by new kiddy on the block "ain't gonna get whooped by a white boy" Devin Haney and Deyonce.

    Kinda funny how Showtime tolerated his repeated slander of Manny, yet kicked him out over innocuous racial remarks concerning the ancient and modern demographics of top boxers.

    Not the best utube, but all major websites containing the current Corona Viras Madness that he's a part of now.

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    Totally crazy, that firing. Paulie said nothing that wasn't true, but the candyasses couldn't take him giving them the truth about East Euros dominating boxing.


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      Unbelievable. Was was completely professional and respectful in his answer.
      This world has gone completely to shit.


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        I didn't see any racist comment. He gave an opinion on oppression - whether right or wrong, that's just an opinion. Would Showtime ban Haney because of his comment?


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          --- Haney is with DAZN who may agreements with Showtime among others, but may be circling the drain by now.

          Pretty decent for a 20 something self promoted boxer, but he's got no WOW factor, no power, no nothing but his mouth and Eddie in his favor, so as he steps up he'll be in for a ton of setbacks.


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            Haney is a little punk. He will soon enough learn his lesson.