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They're Back-Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones!

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  • They're Back-Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones!

    --- Couched as an exhibition without Gloves with oddsmakers setting odds and with no Charity being mentioned, September 12th has an ominous feel to it.

    Roy 51 and near a year past his last Boxrec rating, and Mike 54 with innumerable health problems in his past, what else is there?

    I'd like to think they choreographed this in advance trying to make a splash from the past, but nobody that knows is talking...

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    Sounds like Floyd vs McGregor. - Might be a lot more fun to watch, though !

    Odd interview;
    Mike seems positively mystified at Max's concern for his health. Sheesh ......

    Mike should enter the ring wearing a Julius Cesar costume. Gets into the ring and shouts:
    "Friend, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears ! "

    Evander should be the referee. - No butts about it.

    The judges could be Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson, and Buster Douglas.

    Have at it !
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      --- I made a mistake in gloves will be in use, obviously and 12 Oz, but what I meant is this sans headgear.

      Also sanction by Cali commish with terms, the big one being no KO attempts allowed.

      Also that Paul kiddo on the undercard vs former nba star Nate Robinson that may be a sanctioned fight.