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    Wonder who grassed this one up ? Mr Big's territory. (Johnathan Gill(ard)) - no white Xmas in his area now....this wont go down well. At all. Watch this space.


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      Originally posted by selij View Post

      Opening gyms all over the world by laundering drugs money. No ticket sales due to CV-19, but MTK continue expanding worldwide with unlimited funds at their disposal and no cash income (?).
      Where's the logic in not even trying to hide such accumulated wealth? Is it just bravado/arrogance and feeling of being untouchable?


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        I would say in a nutshell, yes. And I would imagine his father Christie has more or less washed his hands of him and is in Brazil where he has property interests. He's spent a lifetime trying to avoid any limelight, whilst DK seems to court it. Barely a dozen photos of Christie exist, whilst thousands of DK exist.

        Its also clearly obvious that the amount of world level gangsters that Dubai have handed over to various countries, but not DK, smacks of either mega corruption pay offs and/or hes the one grassing them all up to save his own skin.

        He still has his brother Christopher Jr, (who once entered Germany on a false passport and had it confiscated but was never arrested), Ross Browning, Sean McGovern (who was also shot at the Regency but not killed), and others over there with him in Dubai. It wont be long before he starts to give them up, one by one.

        MI5, MI6 and the DEA of the USA will have DK in their sights as the amount of wholesale heroin he buys from source in Turkey and Afghanistan will be directly funding terrorism. They will probably use him for as long as they can until they get their answers as to who is now directing al-qaeda and isis, and then get Mossad to shoot him. He would probably take that too over deportation to Ireland and life in Mountjoy.


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          Carl Frampton - the VADA registered anti-drugs boxer who has just accepted 200,000 golden handshake deal from an international drugs cartel

          Tyson Fury and Michael Conlan - VADA registered anti-drugs boxers - namedropping the leader of an international drugs gang at every opportunity

          .................................................. ...................................

          In other news: DK 'yes man' and multiple murderer, James Quinn moved to a remote hell hole prison in a different Spanish region which also contains ETA terrorists and Moroccan al-Qaeda prisoners. Hope DK is paying his tuck shop bill, after all its the least he can do while he's wasting 22 years of his life for him.



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            Originally posted by selij View Post
            He's spent a lifetime trying to avoid any limelight, whilst DK seems to court it. Barely a dozen photos of Christie exist, whilst thousands of DK exist.
            He aint no John Gotti!


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              Soooooooooo.......Operation Shovel started with almost 30 high profile arrests in 2010, to bring about "the end of the Irish Mafia" in Spain, has been a fail of epic proportions. If indeed that was its intention. No wonder they set up on the Costa del Crime when they fled Ireland. But as always the devil is in the detail. Whilst it has emerged top cops were paid off every month (surprise, surprise) and the chief female prosecutor was once describes as DK's 'girlfriend' - celebrations in Dubai (or maybe Rio) may be slightly muted as Christie Sr is charged with passport fraud and one of DK's enforcers, Ross Browning has been charged with possession of a Glock handgun. It appears DK, his brother Christopher, Christy Sr's right hand man John Cunningham who served 17 years for the tiger kidnapping of Guinness heiress Jennifer Guinness are all in the clear along with other associates arrested originally in a fake show of strength by the Spanish guard in 2010. Not a lot of evidence for 10 years of investigations (?)

              However, the net result - the bottom line - HAS been achieved as indeed Spain is now free of the Irish Mafia, as they have all done the runner to Dubai - or maybe even further afield now to Brazil as the net closes in on them in Dubai. So maybe the Spanish have thought - do we really want to bring these fuckers back here for mega trials ? Although no formal extradition treaty exists between Dubai and Ireland, it similarly doesn't apply for Holland either, but Dubai recently gave up a Dutch drug dealer of epic proportions back to the Dutch authorities. And the K's should be well aware that if convicted of multiple drugs dealing charges in Dubai they could get the death sentence.

              It will be interesting to see how this pans out with Christie Sr and Ross Browning because if they don't appear in court in Spain to answer these charges, international arrest warrants could/should be issued.

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                In other Kinahan news - CAB targeted houses seized under 'Operation Lamp' from the Byrne Organized Crime Group (BOCG) led by Liam Byrne, have been torched in near simultaneous arson attacks in Dublin, Ireland in the last week.

                This group was effectively the Kinahan's mob/presence in Dublin, based in Crumlin, when the Kinahan's fled Ireland for the Costa del Crime. They were fed massive amounts (tonnes) of cocaine and other drugs on credit from DK and were effectively the K's retailers/distributers, acting with the backup of the K's ruthlessness. The BOCG is now disbanded by CAB, and most have fled, or are serving long sentences or life. A couple of cousins remain in Crumlin. BOCG boss Liam Byrne now resides in Tamworth, England, and has taken over the Kinahan's UK operation now his bro inlaw, Thomas 'Bomber' Kavanagh, has been locked up in the UK. The BOCG second in command, Sean McGovern (who was shot and injured in the Regency bloodbath but not killed) is residing in Dubai with DK (the intended No1 target at the Regency). This has caused a massive rift between him and Liam who now don't speak as Liam assumed that Sean would stick by his side. It was Liam's brother, David that was killed at The Regency weigh ins by the Hutch OCG.

                CAB in Ireland was set up after the killing of the journalist Veronica Guerrin, and targets 'untouchable' top criminals for their assets. Unlike the UK, where a guilty plea for a crime has to be received BEFORE any 'proceeds of crime' enforcement can be introduced, the Irish CAB only have to prove 'with reasonable probability' (NOT 'beyond all reasonable doubt') that assets have been purchased with the proceeds of crime. They seize houses, cash, cars, jewelry, designer clothes/accessories, anything they want - and IF the defendant can prove how he legitimately purchased them with no visible means of income, he can have them back. The top criminals never touch the drugs, money, firearms themselves and cannot be charged with any offences. This CAB system restores some faith in the judicial system and ensures 'untouchable' people don't benefit long-term from crime.

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                  Kinahan cartel to get €500m stash of cars, gaffs, land, property and cash handed back by Spain after collapse of money laundering case.

                  10 years later, 16 murders later (in one feud alone in Spain and Dublin). 60+ incidents of men on their way to commit murders against the HOCG members and innocent associates foiled in Dublin and Spain. Nothing proved by Spanish authorities apart from a passport fraud, an associates car on false plates and one handgun in Browning's apartment.

                  The MTK show rolls on unchallenged from Dubai.

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                    ---The slow collapse of western civilization in the 3rd millennia a rich topic for future historians.