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Good Fight Card, happening right now.

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  • Good Fight Card, happening right now.

    I only found out 1/2 hr ago.

    Top Rank Card. / ESPN

    Just saw a decent MW matchup between Nikoloz Sakhniashvili & Isaiah Jones.

    There's a VERY intriging BW fight still to come.
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    And in that BW fight, the overhyped, overconfident Josh Greer's faults caught up with him. Well done, Plania. Didn't think Santillan deserved the decision in his fight either. Thanks to sel for the uploads!


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      Yeah, Greer's ego needs to be trimmed.
      I'm not sure he has the best corner, either: They should have told him to go inside after the second round. Also, he moves a bit too much, IMO, needlessly wasting energy, and actually making it harder to land clean punches.

      Plania has that calm, stalking style I love. But super-fast hands. And that long hook, wow....