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Joshua/Fury Down For Two Fights

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  • Joshua/Fury Down For Two Fights

    --- Well kinda, sorta, maybe in 2021 if both make it past their mandatories.

    Tyson has Wilder then Whyte while Josh has Pulev and whomever the ABCs can scrape up.

    Meanwhile a few days ago Josh seen on crutches at a Black Lives Matter protest where nobody wearing a face mask milling around each other.

    Has the Lad gone double dumb on us? His mum needs to read him the riot act?

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    Originally posted by LondonRingRules View Post

    Has the Lad gone double dumb on us?
    No, but suddenly the world's gone double dumb on Daniel Kinahan and his attempt to whitewash his day job from everyone. There have always been characters and ne'er-do-wells in and around boxing but this is proper taking the piss.

    Black lives matter ? So do innocent Irish ones.

    Ask Martin O'Rourke and Trevor O'Neill's families

    Unbelievable that he can launder drugs money thru the Bahrainian royal family. Tyson Fury, Eddie Hearn, Bob Arum all licking his ass, obviously shit scared of him.

    Bahrain royalty hire senior figure in organized crime as 'special advisor' for combat sports


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      Pretty crazy how MTK have grown into what it's become given the association with crime organisations.

      But boxing is a seedy, shameless world, so it fits right in I guess.


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        Quite a large piece on Kinahan's involvement in boxing in the latest Boxing News. Pretty brave as well considering what a ruthless, murdering cunt he is.


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          Daniel Kinahan, as active leader of the KOCG (established by his father, Christie), is single-handedly responsible for destroying the professional boxing scene in Ireland, lets not forget that either.


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            Will Tyson wake up with a horse's head in his bed?



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              Originally posted by Robbo View Post
              Will Tyson wake up with a horse's head in his bed?

              Quick answer is a resounding No. Even a 5 year old journalist wouldn't buy that story

              ** Started a new thread as this one's getting hijacked due to its popularity over the OP.