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Horrible beatings and blind referees

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  • Horrible beatings and blind referees

    As part of my lockdown boredom relief I've been looking at an awful lot of vintage fights and I've seen some terrible beatings allowed by incompetent refs (even allowing for the eras they take place). One just watched was Duran vs Lou Bizarro. The only conclusion I can draw is that the ref was also the local undertaker. Bizarro is knocked down several times, has no idea where he is or what's going on and then on the final knockdown the ref stops Bizarro's cornermen attending to their fighter while he completes the 10 count. Any examples other of astounding incompetence (or sadism)?

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    ^ The fix was probably in, with the mob guys & connected elites betting hard on the underdog, but then Duran decided not to go along.

    Such is the sport we love.


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      --- Where was the lucrative trilogy?

      Id say the horrific beatdown by Shavers of Ali who clearly had no defense those last few rds.


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        The 3rd fight between Emile Griffith and Benny Kid Paret, in 1962, has to be one of the worst.
        The footage of the finish, in the 12th, is frightening. The referee Ruby Goldstein ineptly slow. The beating/fight took Paret's life.