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Top Rank/ESPN June 9th US card

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  • Top Rank/ESPN June 9th US card

    Boxing is moving one step closer to returning to the United States.

    Top Rank is exploring an event for June 9 in Las Vegas, company CEO Bob Arum confirmed to ESPN's Steve Kim. The event, which is yet to be finalized, is slated to be held at an MGM property.

    If it occurs, it will be the first known boxing card to occur since the nationwide restrictions implemented in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The card would air on an ESPN network.

    "It's the tentative date for Top Rank, subject to working with the commission [in Nevada]," Arum said. "We're optimistic on it, and working with ESPN. They want that date, so that is the tentative date."

    The date was first reported by The Athletic.

    Featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson is in the mix to headline the June 9 card, Arum said. Stevenson (13-0, 7 KOs) was scheduled to defend his WBO title against Miguel Marriaga on March 14 at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. The fight was called off on March 13, hours after an afternoon news conference to promote the bout on ESPN.

    The Virginia native won the vacant belt after he beat Joet Gonzalez via unanimous decision in October. Stevenson, 22, won the silver medal at the 2016 Olympics.
    Video in the link, Andre Ward basically said they're in negotiations:

    Looks like ESPN want some Live boxing on that date, so I think we could well see it. What do you guys think - is it a good possibility?

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    Well we've had nearly 2 weeks to digest this and haven't heard many more details about it since. Seems the fighters would need a training camp once opponents are determined plus a quarantine period after they arrive in Vegas. Don't see them making the June 9 date but no doubt ESPN+ and DAZN, for example, are desperate to get content to their subscribers. They've been refunding money or extending subscriptions for free for 2-going-on-3 months now with still no definite end in sight.
    The promoters are really missing a golden chance to showcase their fighters while there's not much else live sport. While Arum waits for his typical partners - Nevada, California etc - to open back up, he - and any other promoter - should be looking at any venue in the world they can get. For most cards the live gate is icing on the cake. It's all about the broadcast audience. Some promoter should have been able to put on a halfway decent card somewhere in the world by now. They're not inclined to think outside the box it seems.
    Thing is, Arum stated we'd be seeing elite "fighters" which means not necessarily elite fights. No promoter is going to risk any of his fighters' world titles for such small potatoes. Don't expect much once TopRank and Matchroom are back in action. PBC, GoldenBoy, Queensberry have been pretty quiet about planning their next fights (other than Fury-Wilder 3 maybe).
    I don't see many stakeholders in any sports facing up to the harsh reality of the pandemic's effects. Revenues are going to be waaaaay down for a while. Salaries/purses will naturally fall as well. Athletes are going to have to accept alot less than they've been used to earning. The readjustment period is going a take a long time even after competitions as we've known them resume.


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      --- Brits have been hit particularly hard by Corona and even Bud and his family got hit, so they'll be slower on the comeback there.

      Haymon always quiet, but Hearn been pushing Josh vs Pulev and Josh vs Fury for a while now. The boys are gonna wanna cash in ASAP as this economic shutdown is unprecedented and nobody can know when or what the new normal will be.


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        --- NSAC has approved Arums request.

        Lots of fighters been in training , so they're ready.

        Meanwhile looks like Mike Tyson just made his first installment on his comeback. Video shows a cornball confrontation with some well known 'rassler where Mike tries to rip off his own Tee to show how enraged he is and gets stuck. Their entourages are in a ring, so a classic push goes to shove to group brawl. I gather soon enough they'll mix it up, but by body language, Mike looks shaky like his balance, coordination, and confidence are off.

        He could easily get hurt is my thinking.


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          The deeper Top Rank gets into its post-pandemic schedule this summer, Arum anticipates airing shows that’ll feature higher-level fights.

          On Tuesday night, ESPN will televise the first live boxing card in the United States since Showtime aired fights March 13 from Hinckley, Minnesota. In the main event June 9, WBO featherweight champion Shakur Stevenson (13-0, 7 KOs) will oppose Puerto Rico’s Felix Caraballo (13-1-2, 9 KOs) in a 10-round, non-title fight that’ll be contested at the junior lightweight limit of 130 pounds.

          Stevenson, a 2016 Olympic silver medalist from Newark, New Jersey, was supposed to make his first title defense against Colombia’s Miguel Marriaga (29-3, 25 KOs) on March 14 at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater in New York. The Stevenson-Marriaga card was canceled the night of March 12, at the start of the coronavirus crisis.

          “It’s one step at a time,” Arum told “You can’t really start with complicated title fights because it requires working with the organization, with their supervisors, how they’re gonna score the fights. So, we’re gonna deal with that. But we have enough on our plate to start the first two weeks with non-title fights. By the third week, we’ll be doing some more world title fights and more in July. And probably by August, we’ll be doing some big heavyweight fights and significant world title fights. But again, people have got to understand that we don’t have experience in what we’re doing here. Nobody does. And we’ve gotta take one step at a time.”

          Arum’s company has worked closely with the Nevada State Athletic Commission to implement safety protocols that’ll make it as harmless as possible for the boxers and the other limited number of people working those events.

          “Better to go slow and be on solid ground than to just rush ahead and f--k everything up,” Arum said. “Because if we f--k it up, it’s gonna be bad for boxing. If we do it right, then any promoter that wants to look at our protocols and look at what we did, we’re happy to provide them with our protocols. There’s no copyright on it, nothing like that. If they wanna see how it should be done, assuming everything goes well, we’re happy to show them. Whether it’s Golden Boy, Eddie Hearn, whoever it is, we’re happy to give them our protocols. There are about 30 pages, but they’re all designed for safety. And we’re happy to share it with our colleagues in the sport.”


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            Mikaela Mayer tests positive for COVID-19, off Stevenson-Caraballo card


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              Arum sounded all high and mighty when announcing this card, shitting on UFC when Souza was pulled in Jacksonville.

              From the May 21 report on TopRank's plans:

              "Arum said fighters and cornermen will be tested when they arrive in Las Vegas the week of the fight and will be housed on a “bubble” floor at the MGM Grand. They will be allowed out only to eat at an approved restaurant in the hotel or to train at the Top Rank gym.

              "Fighters will also be tested the night before they fight. The double tests should eliminate the issue the UFC had when a fighter tested positive and was removed from the UFC 249 card, Arum said.

              “Our protocols will be much more stringent than UFC had in Florida,” Arum said. “In ours you wouldn’t have a fighter testing positive the day of the fight or the day before.”

              OK so Mayer was pulled 2 days before the fight. Congratulations!

              The protocols worked in both cases. TopRank's no better than UFC. You can't guarantee no positive tests.

              I wait for the day when an elite athlete's positive test is kept quiet and he's permitted to compete. It'll be rationalised as 'hey he's asymptomatic and everyone around him is negative." It'll happen.


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                --- Everyone who ever lived was exposed to whatever was floating around in their moment mostly with no problems.

                This is a flu variation with a new ominous name designed to create a global panic never witnessed before.

                Mission Accomplished!

                Now, why would anyone risk seeing a doc or a hospital/clinic where healthcare professionals so have the most exposures to the new flu?

                With an ominous name deliberately spread by the Chinese in cooperation with the WHO being run by an ominous sounding Dr Tedros?

                Such was floated in the beginning, and what with no common agreement over compiling the death stats with the majority populous living in 3rd world conditions never relevant to these blowhard experts, what we have here is a real life James Bond plot only needing Sean Connery to come out of retirement.

                Btw, anyone can test negative one day and then positive the next such being the historical nature of flu epidemics and such. Ain't gonna be able to sanitize and face our way out of this.

                Now Asymptotic positive tests carry the same status as leprosy used to. They've broken no laws, but now shunned and shunted away as if that is gonna fix the broken healthcare and political system that has brought the world to its knees in a state of hysteric lunacy.

                Moonbeam to Earth: "We're Corona Virus Free up here, but short of Corona cervaza. We need Elon to shoot us up a load ASAP!


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                  All 5 fights from the card posted. HD 720p

                  Robeisy Ramirez vs Yeuri Andujar 6 rounds, featherweight

                  Calvin Metcalf vs Quatavious Cash 6 rounds, middleweight

                  Don Haynesworth vs Guido Vianello 6 rounds, heavyweight

                  Jared Anderson vs Johnnie Langston 6 rounds, heavyweight

                  Shakur Stevenson vs Felix Caraballo 10 rounds, super featherweight