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    I got a fight for ya'll to check out. I stumbled across this fight recently. It's short, it's sweet, and it features something rare. No need to say they aren't world level in skill, i know and recognize that.


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      ^ Something rare, indeed. That was well worth seeing. It would make a great GIF.

      And as for the ending, it's always great to see an aging fighter turn the tables on a young opponent.


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        --- I remember that fight making the rds yrs back when, an what a doozy!

        Sadly, these days no way for journeymen fighters to qualify for fight of the year nominations unless a big fight partner is involved.


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          That fight had a little bit of everything. I shit on refs often, but kudos to Terry O'Connor for correctly calling the double. Also, that haircut by Samuels WHOA!!


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            I have not been watching any boxing, and I am ashamed, but due to this pandemic crisis, I have worked a little more than usual, which is often 84 hours a week,12-hours days. I do have some time to watch at work but for some reason lost interest in boxing and most things. I am going to try to return to uploading boxing content frequently.


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              --- 84 hrs a week must make you wealthy beyond measure if not a bit haggard.

              Watched Leon vs Carlos de Leon who was dwarfed and outmuscled by Leon looking like I'd never seen him before as a Hercules.

              Alas, Carlos hung tough to knock poor Leon out.

              Then I watched John Carlo making his debut knock out the obviously dissipated Leon in the 1st rd.

              Leon still hanging tough after some serious health concerns, so God Bless.


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                --- Big Buster Mathis vs Joe Frazier at MSG for the stripped Ali belt.

                Both undefeated with Mathis on a 10 fight KO streak he did his best to extend. Moves like young Clay to pick harder shots in between tying up Joe whose dwarfed but smoking as usual. Half the shots are sonic sickness in a broadcast much superior to today's pablum.

                Dunphy let's the fight tell the story with minimal context. Very subtle LHook finishes Mathis in the 11th, his first career KD.

                This the Buster being trained for an Ali challenge in 68 that was defunct after his 67 strippage.

                great fight!


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                  Originally posted by LondonRingRules View Post
                  --- Big Buster Mathis vs Joe Frazier at MSG for the stripped Ali belt.

                  great fight!
                  I never saw this one. I'm actually surprised (impressed) that Mathis lasted 11 rounds with Frazier.

                  Gonna' watch this fight tonight. - Thx !


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                    --- Settled in to score the Witherspoon vs Holmes controversy and NYET!!!

                    Pulled the plug as boxing clearly not serious in staging a legit fight. Lar 42-0, 30 KOs vs baby Spoon 15-0, 11 KOs with both in black trimmed white shorts, same shoes, skin tone, hair, and height guarantees controversy.



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                      So I watched Mathis-frazier. as planned. Indeed a great fight for maybe 6 rounds, until the big man started slowing down.

                      Man, Mathis really looked good in those days. Maybe not elite, but he moved incredibly well for his size.
                      In any other era, he might have done very well.


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                        I watched Eric Lucas vs Glen Catley II. What a way to win a world title (ok it was a vacant title, but still), after losing your previous 2 chances against Tiozzo and Roy Jones. And it dramatically knock out Catley, after losing to him by stoppage in their first fight. good stuff.


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                          So whats the backstory on what was going on with Eamonn Loughran when he go blasted out of there in the 1st round against Jose Luis Lopez to lose his WBO title? Then he retires.