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*****SPOILER-Ryan Garcia vs Francisco Conseca

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  • *****SPOILER-Ryan Garcia vs Francisco Conseca

    --- Dunno if I spelled the Ryan opponent name right, but he was last on DAZN giving Tevin Farmer holy hell.

    fighting tonite-

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    --- Blair Cobbs a celebrity boxer for Oscar, showboats his light swats for a SD over a Ghanaian name of Kotey.


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      --- Alex Rocha great credentials new young gun wins by 10rd dec over Brad Solomon in the 6th rd of DAZN.

      Bad DAZN form needs correction. Broadcast a half hour behind the action.


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        --- Linares 4th rd ko and Ryan 1st rd ko per boxrec.

        DAZN crapped out of those fights . Might be time to pull the plug on DAZN.


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          DAZN Undercard Fights -

          Garcia Highlights (not available in USA) -

          Garcia full fight -


          Garcia is a talent. Started the fight with some really nice crisp jabs and the first big shot was a warning. The next was the lovely left hook that left Francisco flat on the canvas.

          Looking forward to seeing Garcia's career unfold. He's only 21 and lots of boxing left in his career.


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            That hook from Garcia was really something. Not just the hand speed, but the way he pulled his head back, out of danger, without losing any power. Like a check hook, but without moving to the side. Sort of a pull counter, but with the lead hand.

            hoot !