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Update:The James Ali Bashir Attack

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  • Update:The James Ali Bashir Attack

    --- The James Ali Bashir tragedy update is a travesty of justice:

    Bashir hospitalization and rehab of the permanent damage done will doubtless run over $1 mil, and this reprobate gets out with his own health intact to be set free next year for more thuggery.

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    Blame lies at the door of your legal system. Either that or the original charge was grossly exaggerated. If the evidence was actually there for the greater charge it would have been executed.


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      --- Can't say it's mine since every state has it's own laws and I don't live in Michigan.

      I'm gathering the assault did not fall under federal jurisdiction and was prosecuted in state or county courts, and Flint Michigan is the dregs in any western country, a place to stay well away from as you can see here.


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        There's a lesson to be learned for everyone involved in this unfortunate incident. The article says the trainer will pursue civil action so perhaps he will get his medical bills and punitive damages once all is said and done


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          God bless America...