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*****SPOILER DAZN Joke Thursday

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  • *****SPOILER DAZN Joke Thursday

    --- Big DAZN lineup for Thursday, but the best fighter is Amanda Serrano and I don't watch women's boxing.

    Tevin Farmer good value for his level and debuts of two youtube stars, Paul vs Gib.

    Lineup here:
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    Cracking line up. Tevin on the way to the top.

    Not bad for $2/week.


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      That's a good midweek card indeed, only drawdown is I'll have to wait until 2am if I want to see it live so I'll catch it on the replay but I like watching Ammo and Sims Jr, good to see them getting a run out and finally Sims Jr is stepping up the competition now too so that will be interesting, not too interested in the main but bring on the co-main please!

      Good job Matchroom, the competition from their main UK rival isn't the stiffest but I'm hearing Dubois vs Joyce is almost done but will be on PPV according to Mike Coppinger, I hope the latter part of that news isn't true of course.


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        ***** SPOILER below\/


        Serrano early ko of the other gal


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          Sims jr looking like a caca Ali/Ward hybrid.

          d+ at best


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            Roamer Angulo steady pressure but the ref been all over him, clearly a gift for sims in the cards


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              --- 10 rd decision

              Hard to believe Angulo won the decision after being deducted a pt.


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                --- Espina vs Baccas SM 6rd-

                Espina looks very young and trained by Robert Garcia press action in the 2nd. Kinda slow for a young guy.


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                  --- Espina by early KO, a bit preemie by the ref.

                  Danny Roman hands full with Muro Akhmad now.


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                    --- Akhmad pinned Roman in his own corner at end of 5-6, a veritable buzz saw.


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                      --- Both with abrasions but now Roman cut Leye in the 10th


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                        --- Sorry, Reye- L on my screen.

                        Roman needs a ko as Akhmad been a bad little motor scooter!


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                          --- &&@@!'

                          dazn skip the 12th for the 3rd of Famer/ Diaz with JOJO a horror cut over Leyeand the cut me out again!