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Ms First Lady Cecilia Makes DAZN Debut!

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  • Ms First Lady Cecilia Makes DAZN Debut!

    --- Soon to go to *****SPOILERS!!!!!

    "Speaking of, ahem...Titles," Ms Cecilia is making her big $$$ DAZN debut days from now.

    Shes undefeated but entering late 30s, so I hope she makes her cash grab short to retire unblemished. She could easily assume international broadcasting duties as well as well as corporate endorsements, and yeah, I love her to bits even though I've never seen a single second of her fights, so I'm biased and proud of it!!!

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    It is unfair she had to wait so long to make the big bucks. She's at the end of her career ffs! And hence, the risk of her losing her next fight is bigger. Not that I expect her to lose, but you never know.


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      --- Yum Yum!

      Ms Cecilia made wt. Two Russians fighting for a welt title and Hughey too!


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        That Argie woman looks...BIG.


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          --- As expected, Ms Cecilia won wide, but near collapsed after they piled all her belts on her!

          Besputin(any relation?) won 116-112 x 3. Excelent, quick southpaw technician, but his WBA no threat to Bud. Maybe to Spence who was carved with DWI today.