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[SPOILERS from November 23] It's Fight Week!! Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz II

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    - -Let us remember that the Fury gloves were still on the canvas at 10.

    Difference is around the 3 sec mark Fury made eye contact with Reiss and winked, thus interrupting his perception of the fighter and the count.

    If I were Fury which is more than a bit of a stretch, I'd fight Ortiz to do a number on the powers trying to mandate less than great fights.


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      Originally posted by boxeador View Post

      No my friend. But we are not BLIND. You saw it too. When the ref reached the count of ten, Ortizīs gloves were touching the floor.
      Not blind, but you are evidently DEAF.

      Go to 3:03. You can hear Bayless count "SIX." And on the next count, you can see seven fingers. - That's also when Ortiz turned and satarted to get up, which is literally what he said after the fight, that he started up at seven.

      Based on THAT, Ortiz was up at 9 1/2, and Bayless called it off anyway, never even reaching ten. - And literally never looking into Ortiz' eyes.

      And with six seconds to go in the round.

      What dafuk is wrong with you guys?


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        --- Cable, you going 50 pennies on us in a dollar store world?