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Superbad vs Jermell II - Dec 21 - Official

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  • Superbad vs Jermell II - Dec 21 - Official

    ONTARIO, Calif. – The highly-anticipated WBC Super Welterweight Title rematch between Tony “Superbad’’ Harrison and Jermell “Iron Man’’ Charlo will headline live in primetime in FOX PBC Fight Night Action and on FOX Deportes Saturday, December 21 from Toyota Arena in Ontario, California.

    Harrison vs. Charlo II is a high-voltage rematch that has been building ever since the end of the first matchup. The two were set to meet in June, but the rematch was postponed when Harrison suffered torn ligaments after spraining his ankle in training.

    Now that he is fully healed, Harrison is ready to solidify his hold on the title while Charlo is ready to take back what he believes belongs to him. The rematch comes just one day short of a full year from the first time the two stepped into ring against each other on FOX.

    “After a dramatic and razor thin first fight, Tony Harrison and Jermell Charlo are sure to be at their best on December 21 when they settle their rivalry in a can’t miss rematch,” said Tom Brown, President of TGB Promotions. “This is the kind of high stakes 50-50 fight that belongs in primetime on FOX and I know that the Southern California boxing fans watching in Ontario will love everything that these two champions bring to the ring.”

    Tickets for the event, which is promoted by Lions Only Promotions and TGB Promotions, are on sale now and can be purchased at

    In the first meeting, Harrison deployed a tactical defensive strategy that blunted much of the force of Charlo’s high-powered offense. The intrigue of the rematch is whether Harrison will be able to use a similar strategy to remain champion or will Charlo be able to impose his will on Harrison and regain the title.

    The 29-year-old Harrison (28-2, 21 KOs) entered the first match against Charlo having come up short in his previous world title attempt. He lost to Jarrett Hurd in a bid for the IBF title in 2017. Harrison, a protégé of the late Emanuel Steward and a native of Detroit, bounced back with three strong performances, including a decision victory over former world champion Ishe Smith.

    “The delay just made me even hungrier heading into this fight,” said Harrison. “Watching Charlo the night we were supposed to go shine, and rejuvenate himself, it built up so much hunger in me. I’m tired of the talk and the noise. I’m ready to go.

    “We’re looking to work smarter this time,” added Harrison. “I think everything I did before worked, but we want to make it even more decisive. The plan is to be more technically sound overall. You may see an early knockout. It’s tense between both parties. I’m pretty sure he wants to knock me out as much as I want to knock him out. Whoever has the best plan will win. But I’m by far the better athlete. Athlete for athlete it’s not even close. I’ll beat him in everything, running, basketball, football. My style is perfect for his style. He’s Shane Mosley to my Vernon Forrest. I’ll beat him every time I face him.’’

    It was an emotional night for Charlo (32-1, 16 KOs) the first time he fought Harrison. He and his twin brother, Jermall, the WBC Middleweight World Champion, were defending their titles on a FOX PBC Fight Night doubleheader at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Jermell and many ringside observers thought he had done enough to beat Harrison, but the judges saw it differently, handing Harrison a unanimous decision victory and setting up a hotly contested rematch.

    A 29-year-old native of Houston, Texas, Charlo, won the title with a knockout victory over John Jackson in 2016. He went on to establish himself as one of the best young finishers in the sport with devastating stoppage victories over Charles Hatley and Erickson Lubin in defense of the title. He scored a majority decision over former world champion Austin Trout before taking on Harrison and most recently scored a knockout victory over Jorge Cota on FOX in June.

    “I still feel strongly that I won that first fight and I’m going to do things in a more dominant fashion this time,” said Charlo. “I’m coming in to this fight being the overpowering, strong, ferocious Jermell Charlo. Tony Harrison is not on my level. It’s my job on December 21 to prove that and to prove my worth. I’m coming in there mentally focused. When I fought Jorge Cota, that’s a prelim of what’s to be expected from me in the future.

    “I want to look for the knockout and set it up,” continued Charlo. “I don’t want it to go the judges. That’s my worst nightmare. If it does go 12 rounds, he’s going to be very injured at the end. The loss taught me how to be more patient and to take things step-by-step. I’m going to show everyone why Jermell Charlo is a threat to the whole 154-pound division. I personally feel I’m the best in the division. I’m an upgraded Jermell Charlo that you’ll see on December 21.“

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    --- My bowels are aching in anticipation. IronMan girlymon is it? But which one?


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      This is the fight of the weekend for me (at least on paper) at last it's here, both fighters weighing in just under the 154lb limit, 100% real grudge match right here, I got Charlo inside the distance tonight, I thought he was horribly robbed last time out but this time he won't rely on the judges.


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        --- Charlene gonna rely on her sister?

        Even combined they're woefully weak.


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          Undefeated is right - there is a genuine beef here. My prediction (WTF do I know?) - is another victory for Harrison.

          Mall, not Mell the better of the 2 twins, undoubtedly. And will have a better career.


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            I'd love it if Tony won, because I HATE the Charlo sisters, but I fear that dickhead Yersmell will be more motivated and eager to win...and you know how it goes. One guy gets a close decision, in the rematch there is a small chance he can get it again.


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              Jermell Charlo STOPS Tony Harrison in the 11th round of their much anticipated rematch and like Anthony Joshua a fortnight ago becomes a two-time world champion. A stunning left hook was the beginning of the end for the Detroit native, down for the second time in the fight "Superbad" beat the count in the 11th round but the Charlo rushed in and sat him down again, this time Charlo ran to the corner to celebrate even standing on the ropes thinking it was all over but the referee administered the count and Harrison was up for the 3rd time, the action allowed to continue, Harrison backed up onto the ropes and Charlo let his hands go and with nothing coming back by way of offense from the challenger, veteran referee Jack Reiss had seen enough.

              Harrison protested afterwards, extremely unhappy about the decision and probably even moreso given what had been said in the build up and the anomosity between the two.

              The bad blood continues, Charlo went over to the Harrison corner afterwards, couldn't hear what he was saying but it seemed by the body language that Charlo was trying to be cordial and Harrison was not interested, Charlo then told the reporter that he still doesn't like Harrison but whatever the case may be, the argument has been settled in the ring and there's no better way.

              Redemption for Jermell Charlo and NEW...


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                The scorecards at the time of the stoppage read
                96-93(x2) Charlo
                95-94 Harrison


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                  Ringnews24 was ringside for this card. Fair play to Barbara, she covered all 15 fights. Photos by Cynthia Saldana.

                  Charlo Defeats Harrison to Take Back His WBC World Super Middleweight Title
                  ringside report by Barbara Pinella


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                    Originally posted by Undefeated View Post
                    The scorecards at the time of the stoppage read
                    96-93(x2) Charlo
                    95-94 Harrison
                    Astonishingly bad, but not at all surprising. (As always, gotta' set up that lucrative trilogy!)

                    Good thing Charlo won by stoppage. (Although even the stoppage was a bit questionable)


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                      I didn't have a problem with the stoppage, and Tony shouldn't either. He was dropped twice in that round, and the 2nd time it could've easily been rightfully stopped. He had to know he couldn't let Jermell throw punches like that without any return fire. Crazy how that person from the commission entered between the ropes while the ref was counting.


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                        Originally posted by repsac View Post
                        I didn't have a problem with the stoppage, and Tony shouldn't either. He was dropped twice in that round, and the 2nd time it could've easily been rightfully stopped. He had to know he couldn't let Jermell throw punches like that without any return fire. .
                        Yeah, I get that he was already in big trouble, and if the fight had been stopped after the SECOND KD (as it should have been) I'd have no problem with it.
                        - But when it WAS stopped, Harrison was NOT getting hit. He blocked / deflected every punch, and was clearly waiting for a chance to counter.


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                          Harrison tends to do well first and then mess up in the late rounds and gets stopped. This is the third time I believe such a thing happens to him.