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Lomachenko WBC "Franchise Champion"

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  • Lomachenko WBC "Franchise Champion"

    Some more nonsense from the WBC. I seem to remember Hearn decrying the WBC for doing this sort of thing and worrying that it might be done in both lightweight and heavyweight divisions. Happy to celebrate Haney being made WBC champ through social media today though! (in fairness, he probably has informal promotional responsibility to advertise Haney's standing as champion. Still, it's a funny change of tune)

    Does this mean that Lomachenko can't now achieve undisputed status because he won't have the WBC (non-franchise) belt if and when he unifies? Or is he undisputed even though there is another officially recognised champ by a major sanctioning body (Haney)? As I say, nonsense.
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    Sounds like Bob Arum didn't want Loma to have Haney forced upon him so banged the drum and the organisation has yielded. Haney was calling him Nomachenko after his last fight and this move doesn't help him, he should have been calling for Haney not swerving him. When you're P4P top 5 you should be taking on all challengers without any issue, I'm sure this isn't how Haney wanted to become champion.

    Anyway, it's just more WBC BS as you point out.

    If Loma captures the IBF title you ask if he'll be undisputed. Good question. I'd imagine he would be, the introduction of this franchise belt probably relegates the full title to the WBA's equivalent 'regular' title but without the WBC 'regular' title holder ever becoming mandatory for the 'super' champion (since I understand it was primarily introudced in order to help Canelo duck Charlo and now Loma to swerve Haney).

    This has gotta stop.


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      Uncle Bob has been doing this for 50 years. He's a past master now at slalom-ing his paper champs. He's never, ever had boxing's best interests at heart only his bank balance.


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        --- You chaps too focused on the belts most fans deride.

        Franchise see means the fighter is so accomplished that he need not be fettered by WBC rules in this case. So now Canelo and Loma only have the other 3 orgs to deal with in stead of 4.

        They weren't "stripped" as being reported by the puerile boxing press. Instead franchise is a distinct honor by the WBC, a new higher order imaginary belt as it were though no doubt the WBC will commission special belts for those two.

        Rejoice that dearest Deyonce weren't chosen!


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          They weren't stripped, but in the case of lets say Commey vs Loma in 2020. Loma can't lose the franchise title because it's not transferable. So how can one become undisputed while holding that bogus title? And there's no mandate for him or any franchise title holder to face the #1 contender.


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            --- Last I checked most hardcores understand the mandatory status can be bought by promoters, thus mostly the bane of boxing.

            Franchise allows the select few to expand divisional reach for the biggest fights without WBC penalty, something boxing fans have long been calling for.

            WBC just 20 % of the major orgs, so how are the 80% to respond?


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              Smells like fish ..........


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