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WBSS Finals-Prograis vs Taylor

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    I had so much trouble with DAZN not streamong, when they first started, that I wrote them to either fix it or give me a refund.

    They gave me a refund.


    As for the fights:

    Pricey is finished. Done like dinner. He should have pummeled Chisora with jabs, but instead he fought completely scared. Well, they both suck, so who really cares?

    Shakur Stevenson cements his status as the new Floyd: Brilliant defense, but boring as hell. At least Floyd gave us some brilliant fights in his prime, and only screwed the pooch near the end of his run. Shakur seems to want to skip all that "come forward, actually fighting" stuff, and skip right to the "protect myself at all cost, I'm going to retire someday" phase.

    Taylor - Prograise? Not exactly FOTY, thanks to Prograis having no plan B, but man was it fun to watch Taylor work in there. Balls of steel, and brilliant defense on the inside. His ability to lunge in and land to the body probably made the difference.

    I think Prograis need to view this as a wake-up call. Get back in the gymn and learn some new trcks, before looking for a rematch. At least tighten up his defense. He leaves his head open waaaay too much.

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